Ryan Dinh Discusses SubWallet’s Innovations and Future Plans

Ryan Dinh, Head of BD at SubWallet, discusses the Subwallet's journey, features, and future plans on the Space Monkeys Podcast.
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In the episode 149 of the Space Monkeys Podcast, Ryan Dinh, Head of Business Development at SubWallet, sat down with The Kusamarian to discuss the exciting developments and future prospects of SubWallet. As a comprehensive wallet solution for the Polkadot ecosystem, SubWallet offers both mobile and desktop compatibility, integrating various features that cater to a broad spectrum of blockchain users.

From Web2 to Blockchain

SubWallet’s journey began in Hanoi, Vietnam, where the team initially operated in the Web2 space, building successful startups focused on services like e-commerce and clinical data management. With a robust background in software development, the team transitioned to the blockchain sector in 2020, drawn by the innovative potential of Polkadot and its multi-chain ecosystem.

“We really believe in the vision of Gavin Wood and the future of multi-chain ecosystems,” Ryan explained. The team’s prior experience in building user-centric applications positioned them well to address the needs of the Polkadot community.

Addressing User Needs with SubWallet

The decision to develop SubWallet was driven by the community’s need for a more user-friendly interface. The existing Polkadot wallet, Polkadot.js, posed significant usability challenges for many users. Recognizing this gap, SubWallet aimed to create a more intuitive and accessible wallet.

“We often heard complaints from community members about Polkadot.js. Many gave up on the ecosystem because of it,” Ryan noted. SubWallet was designed to offer a seamless user experience, starting with a browser extension and later expanding to a mobile app to meet user demands for flexibility.

Rapid Growth and Polkadot Treasury Support

Initially self-funded, SubWallet leveraged the success of its previous Web2 ventures to bootstrap its development. Within six months, the team secured funding from the Polkadot treasury, which helped accelerate growth and development.

“We started building in November 2021 and released our first version in February 2022. By then, we had achieved product-market fit and garnered significant traction,” Ryan shared. Today, SubWallet boasts over 1.2 million downloads and 700,000 active users.

SubWallet Strategic Partnerships and Feature Integration

SubWallet’s success is partly attributed to its close collaboration with various projects within the Polkadot ecosystem. By being the first to support new features and integrations, SubWallet has positioned itself as a go-to solution for many users.

“We always work closely with projects in the ecosystem to support their features quickly,” Ryan explained. SubWallet was the first to deploy XCM transfers between Polkadot Relay Chain and parachains, providing a comprehensive solution for staking, nominations, and liquid staking across multiple platforms.

SubWallet Expansion into EVM and Cross-Chain Swaps

SubWallet has also extended its support to popular EVM chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain, aiming to attract EVM users to the Polkadot ecosystem. The wallet’s integration with HydraDX and StellaSwap facilitates cross-chain swaps, streamlining the process for users.

“We integrate the XCM transfer feature right into the swapping process, making it much easier and faster for users,” Ryan highlighted. This innovative approach simplifies cross-chain interactions, enhancing user experience.

Future Prospects and Revenue Models

Looking ahead, SubWallet plans to build a sustainable revenue model while continuing to grow its user base and ecosystem support. Inspired by the success of MetaMask, SubWallet aims to generate revenue through swap fees and other in-app features.

“In the long term, we need a sustainable business model. Once the ecosystem is mature, we can start generating revenue while maintaining user satisfaction,” Ryan explained.

SubWallet is also developing new features to onboard more users and drive mass adoption of Polkadot’s technologies. While details remain under wraps, Ryan teased that exciting developments are on the horizon.


Ryan Dinh’s interview on the Space Monkeys Podcast provided a comprehensive overview of SubWallet’s journey, from its inception to its current status as a leading wallet in the Polkadot ecosystem. With a focus on user experience, strategic partnerships, and innovative features, SubWallet is poised to continue its growth and contribute significantly to the broader blockchain landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates from SubWallet as they continue to innovate and expand, bringing seamless blockchain experiences to users worldwide.

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