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A non-custodial Polkadot wallet available on browser extension & mobile app.

What is SubWallet?

Subwallet is a versatile and complete non-custodial wallet solution for the Polkadot, Substrate, and Ethereum ecosystems. It is designed with the idea that it provides both perfect User Experience (UX) and an easy-to-use User Interface (UI) at its core, being the gateway of every user into the Web3 multiverse. Subwallet facilitates users to interact with multi-chain services with ease and security.

Key features of Subwallet include:

  • Manage multi-chain assets of over 150 networks from the Polkadot, Substrate, and Ethereum ecosystems, involving more than 380 tokens.
  • Simplified account management with many seed phrases for Polkadot & Ethereum accounts managed by just one master password.
  • Cross-chain transactions within the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystems.
  • NFT display and management capabilities.
  • In-app staking options for joining nomination pools like Polkadot, Kusama, and Aleph Zero directly via nominations or in a nomination pool to get a better chance of more earnings.
  • Frictionless exploration of Web3 apps.
  • Syncing between desktop and mobile wallets within seconds.
  • Enhanced security through integrations with hardware wallets like Ledger & Keystone, and Polkadot Vault (formerly Parity Signer).
  • Crypto purchase options with fiat using credit & debit cards.


Regarding security and privacy, Subwallet prioritizes user safety with features like:

  • Non-custodial platform ensuring that users have control over their funds.
  • No user-tracking.
  • Open-source platform.
  • Security audit by Verichains.
  • Cold wallet integrations for added security.


Subwallet supports several standards of tokens, including ERC-20, ERC-721, PSP-34, and PSP-22. It also assures the issuance of assets on any network and parachains, including Polkadot (DOT), Kusama (KSM), Ethereum (ETH), among many more.

For the power users who would like to use Subwallet, there are very detailed guides on how to install and use the app both on mobile platforms and browser extensions for Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and MS Edge.

These include a variety of guidelines relating to how to create, manage accounts, transfer assets, how to stake, and finally connect to hardware devices, among others.

Subwallet is a sophisticated approach that aims at providing better, more convenient, and secured control of your digital assets, as well as running decentralized applications (dApps) with added convenience, security, and consideration for broad network support. The official documentation at explains in detail the specifics of Subwallet use, its vast feature list, guides, and examples, including how to install Subwallet.

SubWallet project details:

Last time updated: 29 March, 2024.

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