StellaSwap: Innovating Decentralized Trading on Polkadot

Stellaswap is the leading DEX on Polkadot powered by Moonbeam parachain, that offers an integrated gateway to DeFi.
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In a recent Builders AMA, Aziz Zainuddin, a core contributor to StellaSwap, shared insights into the platform’s groundbreaking innovations and their impact on the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem on Polkadot. This article explores the highlights of his talk, focusing on StellaSwap’s efficient trading router, liquid staking, and Merkle rewarder.

StellaSwap’s Achievements and Overview

StellaSwap, based on the Moonbeam Network, is the leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on Polkadot, surpassing $1 billion in trade volume and dominating 60% of Polkadot’s trade volume. This success underscores StellaSwap’s role as the primary trading hub within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Stellaswap Key Innovations

1. Efficient Trading Router

StellaSwap utilizes a unique trading router to unify liquidity across three types of automated market makers (AMMs): the constant product AMM, stable AMM for correlated assets, and the concentrated liquidity AMM powered by Algebra. This hybrid router ensures that users get the best prices by efficiently routing trades through various liquidity pools.

  • Functionality: The router compares paths across different AMMs to find the most efficient route for a trade, optimizing for the best price and liquidity.
  • User Experience: Integrated with Permit 2, it enhances security and usability by allowing one-time token approvals and gasless transactions.

2. Liquid Staking with SD DOT

StellaSwap introduced liquid staking with SD DOT, revitalizing a project initially started by Lido. Liquid staking allows users to earn rewards on staked DOT tokens while using them in DeFi activities, thus enhancing token utility and composability within the Polkadot ecosystem.

  • Mechanism: Through a queuing system, deposits and withdrawals are batched every 24 hours, ensuring efficient processing and immediate availability of balances under certain conditions.
  • Integration: The system leverages Moonbeam’s EVM compatibility and Polkadot’s substrate framework, providing a seamless staking experience.

3. Merkle Rewarder

StellaSwap is innovating further by developing an off-chain Merkle rewarder, eliminating the need for traditional farming mechanisms. This approach addresses inefficiencies in current farming practices, particularly for concentrated liquidity providers.

  • Process: The rewarder uses indexed on-chain data to calculate rewards based on liquidity provision, updating the Merkle tree root hash to enable user claims.
  • Benefits: This system reduces dependency on active liquidity managers and simplifies reward distribution, enhancing reliability and efficiency.

Stellaswaps Future Prospects and Community

StellaSwap’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous development efforts. The upcoming launch of the Merkle rewarder aims to simplify staking and enhance the DeFi experience on Polkadot. Aziz Zainuddin emphasized the importance of community engagement and encouraged users to reach out with questions or suggestions.


StellaSwap is pioneering the DeFi landscape on Polkadot through its innovative trading router, liquid staking solutions, and advanced reward distribution mechanisms. By addressing key challenges and streamlining user experiences, StellaSwap is setting new standards for decentralized exchanges and contributing to the growth and sustainability of the Polkadot ecosystem.

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