Dancing with Moore’s Law: The Mobile Cloud Disruption

Explore how Acurast's mobile cloud technology disrupts Moore's Law limitations with efficient, secure, and cost-effective solutions.
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Initially formulated to describe the doubling of transistors on microchips every two years while halving the cost of computers, Moore’s Law is now reaching its physical limitations. Christian Killer from the Acurast Association sheds light on this issue and explores how mobile cloud technology can disrupt the current tech landscape.

The Limits of Moore’s Law

Moore’s Law is facing significant challenges as the miniaturization of chips approaches atomic levels. This has led to a plateau in performance improvements and energy efficiency. Instead of focusing solely on increasing processing power, the industry is shifting towards enhancing performance per watt. This metric is becoming crucial in an era where energy efficiency and specialized computational loads are paramount.

The Mobile Cloud Revolution

Acurast is at the forefront of leveraging mobile hardware to surpass traditional server hardware in both efficiency and performance. Mobile hardware, with its specialized chips for machine learning (TPUs) and graphics processing (GPUs), offers a significant advantage. These chips are not only more energy-efficient but also more cost-effective. For instance, a Google Pixel 7A can outperform traditional server hardware in specific tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Breaking Monopolies and Enhancing Security

Currently, a few companies dominate 66% of the global cloud market, leading to monopolistic pricing and data ownership issues. Acurast aims to disrupt this monopoly by offering a decentralized alternative. By using mobile devices, Acurast provides a more secure and efficient cloud solution. These devices are equipped with strongbox-capable trusted execution environments (TEEs) like Google’s Titan M2, ensuring high security and confidentiality.

Practical Implications and Use Cases

Acurast‘s approach has several practical benefits:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Mobile devices are significantly cheaper than traditional server hardware.
  • Energy Efficiency: Operating costs are drastically lower, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • Upcycling: Old or partially broken devices can be repurposed, reducing electronic waste.
  • Accessibility: It opens up opportunities for regions with limited access to traditional cloud services.

Performance Metrics

Acurast’s performance metrics are impressive. In comparative studies, mobile devices running Acurast software have demonstrated superior execution times compared to major cloud providers, even when accounting for network latency. This makes Acurast a viable option for a wide range of applications, from web crawling to complex computational tasks.

Future Prospects

The future of Acurast looks promising with continuous updates and the inclusion of iOS devices. This expansion will enhance the heterogeneity and security of the network. With easy onboarding and a growing user base, Acurast is poised to revolutionize the cloud computing landscape.


Christian Killer’s talk highlights the impending disruption in the tech world. By leveraging mobile hardware and redefining performance metrics, Acurast is setting a new standard for cloud computing. This shift not only promises better efficiency and security but also democratizes access to cloud resources, breaking the current monopolies and fostering innovation.

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