The Kusamarian

The Kusamarian is a DOT-focused media brand. It serves & maintains Public Forums for Polkadot Builders, Nominators…

What is The Kusamarian?

The Kusamarian is a media brand focused on the Polkadot ecosystem. It serves and maintains public forums for Polkadot builders, nominators, and other community members. The brand aims to foster communication, collaboration, and information sharing among those involved in the Polkadot network, providing a platform for discussions, updates, and news related to Polkadot and its development.

The Kusamarian is known for its active engagement with the community and often tweets about various initiatives, partnerships, and technical advancements related to Polkadot and Kusama.

The Kusamarian brand serves as a vital resource for anyone interested in staying current with the rapidly evolving Polkadot ecosystem, technology and its associated projects. Through its communication channels, The Kusamarian provides valuable insights, updates, and forums for Polkadot builders, nominators, and community members, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the ecosystem.

Space Monkeys Podcast

The most popular podcast show in the Polkadot ecosystem with more than 150 episodes.

AAG – Attempts at Governance

Weekly Livestream Covering Governance News and Developments

OpenDev – The Polkadot Fellowship Core Developer Call

Behind the Code: Web3 Thinkers

A deep look at the full interviews captured for Key Pictures’ Behind the Code II series.

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