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Polkadot Mexico

Polkadot Mexico is empowering blockchain adoption and community engagement through inclusive events, education, and active participation.

Polkadot Mexico is Empowering Polkadot Adoption through Community Engagement

The Polkadot Mexico initiative is a collective effort by seven dedicated polkadot ambassadors to foster the Polkadot community in Mexico. This collective, known as Mexican Collective DV, has significantly contributed to building and representing the Mexican Polkadot community at various events across the United States and Europe. By actively participating in OpenGov, they promote social inclusion and individual development within the ecosystem, strengthening the social fabric of the Polkadot community. Inclusion is fundamental to a fair and just society, and Polkadot Mexico ensures that community members have a platform to voice their opinions and contribute to the ecosystem’s growth.

Polkadot Mexico Community Engagement and Inclusion

The Mexican Collective prioritizes creating an inclusive environment where individuals who have consistently contributed to the community can have their proposals considered. This approach ensures that the community embraces diversity and takes concrete actions to allow everyone the right to express opinions and make proposals. By doing so, Polkadot Mexico aims to progress towards a more inclusive society, addressing the exclusion many individuals face due to a lack of resources and opportunities.

Promoting Polkadot and Web3 Adoption

Representing a prominent and active community in Mexico, Polkadot Mexico has firmly consolidated interest in Polkadot and promoted the adoption of Web3 technology. Every event organized by the collective, from planning to execution, is meticulously managed to maintain high standards of quality. This dedication ensures that speakers and workshop leaders meet the highest standards, providing valuable insights and knowledge to the community.

Polkadot Mexico Members Background and Experience

Erick: Since 2020, Erick has been passionate about Web3 and the Polkadot ecosystem. As one of the first ambassadors in Mexico, he has played a crucial role in building the community and organizing events. His work with KILT Protocol and other projects showcases his dedication and leadership within the ecosystem.

Luis: A computer systems engineer with experience in business development, Luis has been active in the Polkadot ecosystem since 2022. He has contributed significantly as a Polkadot Ambassador and Centrifuge Active Contributor, leading the Spanish-speaking Centrifuge community.

Armando: An active participant in the Polkadot ecosystem since 2020, Armando has been involved in organizing various community events and workshops. His role as Head Ambassador at Polimec and Community Manager of Tododecripto highlights his commitment to educating and growing the Mexican community.

Amaury: Amaury has been instrumental in developing events in Mexico, serving as an assistant in numerous Polkadot-related events. His dedication to the community is evident through his active participation in organizing and supporting events.

Cesar: Active in the crypto ecosystem since 2020, Cesar became a Polkadot ambassador in 2022. He has organized events, created content, and collaborated with various community members and projects, enhancing his influence and contribution to the ecosystem.

Rodrigo: Since mid-2020, Rodrigo has been involved in the Polkadot ecosystem, contributing to community awareness and education through meetups and content creation. His efforts aim to make the Mexican community a reference for Polkadot education both locally and internationally.

Javier Eli: With a focus on talent growth and education, Javier has been an ambassador since 2022. His role in organizing events and creating content showcases his dedication to building and growing the community.

Polkadot Mexico OpenGov Voting Considerations

When evaluating proposals from Polkadot Mexico, several key points should be considered:

  • Community Inclusion: Ensuring that proposals promote inclusivity within the community.
  • Value to the Community: Assessing the potential impact and benefits of the proposal.
  • Reasonable Budget: Ensuring the budget aligns with the objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Reputation and Experience: Considering the proposer’s history and contributions within the ecosystem.
  • Transparency: Evaluating the clarity and openness regarding achieved goals and previous proposals.
  • Alignment with Ecosystem Goals: Ensuring the proposal aligns with the broader objectives of the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Community Feedback and Engagement: Considering input and engagement from the community.
  • Scalability and Long-term Impact: Assessing the potential for long-term benefits and growth.


Polkadot Mexico is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in the blockchain space. Through their dedication and active participation, the ambassadors of Mexican Collective DV have created a thriving and inclusive Polkadot community in Mexico. By focusing on social inclusion, high-quality events, and consistent engagement, they continue to drive the adoption and growth of Web3 technologies within the region. Their collective efforts exemplify the transformative potential of blockchain technology in fostering a fair and inclusive society.

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