Polkadot Ambassadors Program

Join the Polkadot Ambassador Program to grow the ecosystem promotin Polkadot, hosting events, and engaging in the Web3 community.

Polkadot Ambassador Program: A Path to Decentralized Outreach and Community Growth

The Polkadot Ambassador Program is evolving into an on-chain, rank-based system collective following the approval of the Polkadot OpenGov referendum 487. This initiative is designed for individuals passionate about Polkadot and Web3, offering opportunities to help grow the community, receive funding for events, and gain access to exclusive communication channels and Polkadot events.

Polkadot Ambassador Program Objectives and Opportunities

The Polkadot Ambassador Program seeks to expand the Polkadot ecosystem by engaging community members in various roles. Participants can contribute in multiple ways, such as:

  • Contributing Code and Documentation: Enhancing the Polkadot ecosystem with technical contributions.
  • Speaking at Events: Representing Polkadot at workshops, meetups, and conferences.
  • Writing Blog Posts: Creating content to educate and inform the community.
  • Regional Representation: Acting as Polkadot ambassadors in different geographic areas.
  • Mentoring Newcomers: Helping new users navigate the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Identifying Partnerships: Seeking new opportunities and collaborations for Polkadot.
  • Participating in Ecosystem Development: Engaging in activities that drive the ecosystem forward.

Polkadot Ambassador Program Structure

The Polkadot Ambassador Program is structured as a rank-based system collective, managed on-chain to ensure transparency and decentralization. The program is divided into four ranks:

Head Ambassadors (HA)

Head Ambassadors are the highest-ranking members, appointed or removed through a general token-holder referendum on the Ambassador Admin track. They are expected to dedicate their time to representing Polkadot, engaging with new users and businesses, and possessing in-depth knowledge of Web3 technologies and the Polkadot ecosystem. The program can have up to 21 Head Ambassadors.

Senior Ambassadors (SA)

Senior Ambassadors are promoted from the Ambassador rank based on their substantial contributions to Polkadot. They are experienced in hosting events, participating in governance, and actively engaging in the ecosystem.


Ambassadors form the core of the program, fluent in end-user applications of Polkadot. They are involved in translating documentation, creating tutorials, and hosting or attending events. Their roles are flexible, and they are crucial in driving the program’s objectives.

Candidate Ambassadors (CA)

New members start as Candidates, inducted by Ambassadors and requiring approval from the Senior Ambassador track for promotion. Candidates are expected to actively contribute and can be promoted to Ambassadors within six months.

Polkadot Ambassador Collective Treasury and Funding

The Ambassador Program features an on-chain Treasury used to fund salaries, events, and other related expenses.


Head Ambassadors receive a monthly salary of 10,000 USDT, reflecting their full-time commitment. They can switch to a passive allowance of 2,000 USDT during periods of lower activity. Other members do not receive regular salaries but can propose funding for specific activities or expenses.


All members can make funding proposals to the Treasury, with different approval requirements based on the amount:

  • Proposals under 1,000 USDT require approval from the Senior Ambassador track.
  • Proposals of 1,000 USDT or more need approval from the Head Ambassador track.

Polkadot Ambassador Program Membership and Governance

The program operates with various internal tracks for decision-making:

  • Head Ambassadors Track: Only Head Ambassadors vote, with equal voting power.
  • Senior Ambassadors Track: Includes votes from Senior and Head Ambassadors, with weighted voting.
  • Ambassadors Track: Includes votes from all ranks, with weighted voting.

Each track has a seven-day voting period, allowing greater than 50% turnout to pass motions at the start and a simple majority at the end.

Seeding and Evolution

The program’s introduction to the Polkadot runtime will not include initial members. Referenda will be held post-introduction to appoint Head Ambassadors. To prevent misuse of power during the seeding phase, the program will not allocate Treasury funds or take significant actions until at least ten Head Ambassadors are appointed.


The Polkadot Ambassador Program, transitioning into an on-chain system collective, aims to enhance Polkadot’s outreach and community engagement. By leveraging a decentralized and transparent structure, the program seeks to attract skilled representatives dedicated to promoting Polkadot’s vision and fostering a robust, decentralized ecosystem.

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