Polkadot Events Bounty

Discover Polkadot Events Bounty: Earn rewards for organizing or attending events that promote the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot Events Bounty is Catalyzing Community Engagement and Ecosystem Growth

The Polkadot Events Bounty program is a strategic initiative designed to foster community engagement and promote the Polkadot ecosystem through organized events. This program, supported by the Polkadot treasury and governed by community votes via OpenGov, aims to incentivize the organization and participation in Polkadot-related events worldwide. By providing financial rewards for these activities, the Polkadot Events Bounty seeks to position the Polkadot network, its teams, and contributors at the forefront of impactful global events, thereby driving community growth and ecosystem development.

Polkadot Events bounty Objectives and Structure

The primary objectives of the Polkadot Events Bounty are to:

  1. Promote Polkadot Technology: Enhance the visibility and understanding of Polkadot technology through targeted events.
  2. Foster Community Growth: Support community-building activities across multiple regions globally.
  3. Enable Event Organization: Provide resources and incentives for organizing events, ensuring diverse and high-quality community-driven gatherings.
  4. Streamline Event Oversight: Create a transparent, efficient system for managing and executing events, supported by a dedicated team and robust infrastructure.
  5. Support Event Software Development: Fund the development of software tools to aid in event management and metrics tracking.

Polkadot Events Bounty Application Process and Eligibility

To participate in the Polkadot Events Bounty, interested individuals or groups must submit an application detailing their proposed event. The application is reviewed by the Polkadot team, which evaluates its eligibility based on the outlined criteria. Approved events can then proceed, and participants can claim bounty rewards after providing proof of their involvement and the event’s successful completion.

Applications should include:

  • A multi-signature account with a set identity.
  • Contact details (email and Telegram).
  • Metrics for attendees, leads, reach, and satisfaction surveys.
  • Detailed team information covering all aspects of event organization.
  • A comprehensive marketing campaign and links to event tickets.
  • Budget breakdown of all costs.
  • An agenda or milestone plan for the event.
  • Invoices for all expenses post-event.

Polkadot Events Bounty Types of Events and Funding

The Polkadot Events Bounty funds various event types, including:

  1. Meetups: Regular, cost-effective community events aimed at promoting Polkadot technology. Budgets for meetups are capped at specific amounts for venue, travel, photo/video, and advertising expenses. Organizers receive tiered rewards based on attendance, ranging from $250 to $500 per event.
  2. Key Industry and Extraordinary Events: Larger, impactful events that require detailed proposals and substantial budgets. These events are subject to specific rules and requirements, including marketing campaigns, metrics tracking, and post-event reporting.

Polkadot Events Bounty Reporting and Accountability

Post-event, organizers must submit a detailed report, including:

  • Link to the original proposal.
  • All invoices and proof of expenses.
  • Comparison of proposed vs. actual metrics.
  • Event description and agenda.
  • Learnings and feedback from attendees.
  • Event footage and marketing content.

Failure to comply with reporting requirements can result in blacklisting from future funding and addition to a public “Blacklist.”

Polkadot Events Bounty Governance and Oversight

The Polkadot Events Bounty is governed by a team of curators who review applications, provide feedback, and approve or reject proposals. The curators also ensure that funds are allocated appropriately and that events meet the required standards. Regular office hours are held to facilitate communication between curators and applicants, offering a platform for real-time feedback and support.


The Polkadot Events Bounty represents a significant investment in community engagement and ecosystem growth. By incentivizing the organization and participation in Polkadot-related events, this program not only enhances the visibility and understanding of Polkadot technology but also fosters a vibrant, global community. Through transparent governance and robust support mechanisms, the Polkadot Events Bounty aims to position Polkadot as a leader in the blockchain space, driving innovation and collaboration across the ecosystem.

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