Sovereign Smart Home with Robonomics and Home Assistant

Discover the innovative Sovereign Smart Home integration by Robonomics and Home Assistant, presented by Sergei Lonshakov at the Sub0 conference.
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In the ever-evolving world of smart home technology, Sergei Lonshakov from Robonomics introduces an innovative approach at the Sub0 conference: the Sovereign Smart Home. This groundbreaking integration leverages Robonomics and Home Assistant to offer a decentralized and secure smart home solution.

Introduction to Robonomics Parachain

Sergei begins by providing an overview of the Robonomics parachain concept and its current development stage. Robonomics parachain enables end-users to interact with digital twins of physical objects, such as smart devices or complex robotic systems. This interaction triggers state transitions in the parachain, allowing real smart devices to receive information from the network and execute actions.

Smart Home Use Cases

The highlight of Sergei’s talk is the application of Robonomics in smart homes, which he believes is the best use case for the Kusama parachain. He illustrates this with past research and development projects, including the NFT telescope in the Atacama Desert and the public app in San Francisco that connects users with Boston Dynamics robots.

Home Assistant Integration

A significant portion of Sergei’s presentation focuses on the integration of Robonomics with Home Assistant, an open-source smart home solution. By installing Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi, users can control their smart home devices locally without intermediaries. This setup ensures enhanced security and privacy, as all user data is encrypted and stored on the parachain using the user’s keys.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Digital Twins and Access Control: Digital twins on the parachain manage access control lists for smart devices, combining technical and economic details seamlessly.
  2. Secure Data Storage: Home Assistant integration encrypts data every 10 minutes and stores it on both Crust and Robonomics parachains, ensuring data privacy and remote access.
  3. Backup Services: Daily backups of home server data prevent data loss, providing reliability and peace of mind.

Live Demonstration

Sergei provides a live demonstration of how the system works. He shows how to control smart home devices using a Polkadot account, with messages sent directly to a Raspberry Pi via the libp2p protocol. This setup allows for off-chain message transmission while the digital twin secures access control.

Robonomics Future Plans and Developments

Looking ahead to 2024, Robonomics plans to release a new line of Wi-Fi compatible smart devices, including gang switches, infrared remote controllers, and energy monitors. These devices, along with the open-source hardware and documentation, will be available for the community to purchase or manufacture.


The Sovereign Smart Home with Robonomics and Home Assistant represents a significant advancement in the smart home industry. By combining decentralized technology with user-friendly solutions, it offers a secure, private, and efficient way to manage smart homes. Sergei Lonshakov’s presentation at the Sub0 conference highlights the potential of this integration to revolutionize how we interact with our smart home devices.

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