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Moonsong Labs

Innovating Web3 infrastructure with expert engineering, Moonsong Labs fosters and launches groundbreaking decentralized projects.

How Moonsong Labs is Pioneering Innovation in Web3 Technology

Moonsong Labs, a distinguished Web3 Venture Studio, stands at the forefront of next-generation protocol and software infrastructure development in the Web3 space. This innovation lab not only generates cutting-edge ideas internally but also thrives on external collaborations, making it a hub for both in-house and partnered projects. The studio is composed of seasoned Web3 entrepreneurs, engineers, and operators who have consistently demonstrated their prowess in the industry. Ultimately, projects incubated within Moonsong Labs evolve into independent entities, supported by a robust network of venture capital and service providers.

Ideation and Refinement Process

At the core of Moonsong Labs’ methodology is a rigorous ideation and refinement process. Projects benefit from a supportive environment where experienced mentors offer guidance in various domains including Web3 developer infrastructure, market insights, protocol engineering, business operations, system design, and fundraising. Each idea undergoes thorough refinement and is vetted through interactions with customers and venture capitalists to ensure viability and market readiness.

Recruitment of Founding Teams

A critical element of project success lies in assembling the right founding team. Moonsong Labs excels in recruiting key team members and engineers capable of executing the project’s vision. Leveraging an extensive network, the studio ensures that projects have the foundational expertise required to thrive.

Moonsong Labs Blockchain Engineering Services

Moonsong Labs offers comprehensive engineering services, ranging from design and prototyping to full-scale production implementations. The in-house engineering team boasts extensive experience in delivering and maintaining Web3 protocols, which significantly accelerates project timelines and enhances technical roadmaps. Their expertise is instrumental in advancing both internal and client projects.

VC and Service Provider Network

Transitioning incubated projects into independent companies is a key objective for Moonsong Labs. To facilitate this, the studio has cultivated a network of venture capitalists and service providers, ensuring ongoing development and operational support. This network has been particularly effective, as evidenced by Moonsong Labs’ contributions to the Moonbeam network.

Specialized Experience in Web3 Infrastructure

Moonsong Labs focuses on Web3 developer-oriented infrastructure projects. The team’s work on the Moonbeam protocol has endowed them with unique insights and expertise. Current projects include Tanssi, Glacis,, and several others in the pipeline, demonstrating the studio’s broad and impactful reach.

Moonsong Labs Core Values

Moonsong Labs is built on a foundation of core values that guide its operations:

  1. Security First: Security is paramount in all aspects of software development, addressing the primary risk in Web3 environments.
  2. Transparency: All software created is open-source, fostering community-oriented development and open discussions.
  3. Accountability: The team commits to fulfilling its obligations and takes responsibility for any mistakes, ensuring reliability.
  4. Viability: Solutions are designed for long-term sustainability, avoiding shortcuts and ensuring robust engineering practices.
  5. Customer Driven: Customer feedback is integral, with a focus on aligning project goals with customer needs.
  6. Innovation: The team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology, pioneering accessible and user-friendly advancements.

Moonsong Labs Leadership Team

The leadership team at Moonsong Labs is composed of industry veterans, including Derek Yoo (CEO), Olivia Smith (COO), Alan Sapède (CTO), Chase Williams (Director of Business Development), Josh Turnbull (Director of People & Talent), and Bridget Hearst (Director of Marketing). Their combined experience and vision drive the studio’s innovative endeavors and strategic direction.

Moonsong Labs Blockchain Engineering Services Overview

Moonsong Labs offers protocol engineering services across various technology stacks, including:

  • Rust: Expertise in Rust-based protocol development using frameworks like Substrate and PolkadotSDK.
  • Ethereum/EVM: Extensive experience with the Ethereum network and other EVM-compatible chains.
  • Zero Knowledge: Proficiency in ZK L2s such as zkSync Era and Starkware Starknet, and ZK Rollup SDKs like zkStack.

The studio’s approach is security-first, multidisciplinary, and customer-driven, ensuring high-quality and aligned service delivery. Projects range from protocol enhancements to enterprise blockchain infrastructure support, showcasing the team’s versatility and capability.

Moonsong Labs Vision and Mission

Moonsong Labs envisions a future where Web3-based software democratizes value exchange. The mission is to transform this vision into reality by supporting the creation of decentralized software infrastructure protocols. With a specialization in developer-oriented projects, the studio is committed to advancing the efficiency and abstraction of Web3 technologies.


Moonsong Labs is a pivotal player in the Web3 space, driving innovation through its Venture Studio and Engineering Services. By fostering a culture of security, transparency, accountability, viability, customer orientation, and innovation, the studio not only advances its internal projects but also contributes significantly to the broader Web3 ecosystem. Moonsong Labs continues to build the decentralized future, one groundbreaking project at a time.

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