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Kappa Sigma Mu

Join Kappa Sigma Mu, a DAO blending blockchain and human commitment with unique Proof-of-Ink membership on the Kusama network.

Kappa Sigma Mu: A Unique DAO in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Kappa Sigma Mu is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) within the Polkadot ecosystem that combines elements of economic gaming with a unique social experiment. Using Substrate, Kappa Sigma Mu incentivizes users to participate and maintain membership through rewards paid by the collective treasury. However, the society’s purpose goes beyond mere economic incentives, aiming to bridge the gap between the onchain and offchain worlds, making blockchain technology accessible to non-technical users, and fostering new forms of organization.


Kappa Sigma Mu was established by an anonymous founder who automatically became the society’s original member. This anonymity is supported by the members, adding an element of intrigue to the organization. The society operates on the Kusama network and encourages participation through an innovative system that requires members to demonstrate “Proof-of-Ink” (PoI), a permanent tattoo that signifies their commitment to the community.

Deeper Meaning

At its core, Kappa Sigma Mu seeks to explore the relationship between human and machine, leveraging the immutable hash-chain concept of the Kusama network to create a tangible alliance. The society represents the union of technology and humanity, emphasizing that the natural and artificial dichotomy is obsolete in contemporary times. By participating in this collective, members embrace their hybrid nature, living both in the machine and as part of it.

Roles within the Society

Kappa Sigma Mu has a structured hierarchy with specific roles for participants:

  1. Bidder (Human): A user who submits a bid to join the society.
  2. Candidate: A user whose bid is accepted and is awaiting member vote.
  3. Member (Cyborg): A fully accepted society member.
  4. Defender: A member under review whose membership is being questioned.
  5. Suspended Member: A member who has failed their membership challenge or accumulated too many strikes.
  6. Candidate Skeptic: A member selected to vote on candidates, facing penalties if they fail to vote.
  7. Defender Skeptic: A member selected to vote on the Defender, becoming the next Defender if they fail to vote.
  8. Head: The most recent member, used as a reference for PoI.
  9. Ranked Member: A member who ranked up by sacrificing their payout or waiting for maturity.
  10. Founder: The anonymous creator with special privileges to change parameters and resolve votes.

Joining the Society

The process to join Kappa Sigma Mu is competitive and structured. Every week, a new rotation allows users to bid the amount they believe is worth joining the collective. Successful bidders advance to candidacy, where they must present their PoI. The PoI must include identifiable elements of the Kusama network and a parent member identifier, ensuring a permanent and verifiable tattoo. This unique requirement ensures that candidates are deeply committed to the society.

Proof-of-Ink Rules

Candidates are judged based on their ability to provide convincing PoI. The tattoo must include:

  1. An identifier of the Kusama network (canary symbol, typography, full logo, or genesis hash).
  2. An identifier of the parent member (SS58 account or index address, binary account ID, or machine-readable image).

Evidence must be provided through high-quality photographs, videos, or live witnessing by other members. The tattoo must be permanent and of a specified size.

Governance and Funding

Kappa Sigma Mu operates with a well-defined governance structure. Members vote on new candidates and the continuous membership of existing members through distinct voting, claim, and challenge periods within each rotation. The society is funded by a 0.2% burn of the Kusama Treasury, supplemented by a weekly transfer from the Society Treasury to the Society Pot.

Periods within a Rotation

  1. Voting Period: Existing members vote on candidates, requiring clear approval or rejection.
  2. Claim Period: Approved candidates claim their membership.
  3. Challenge Period: Current members (Defenders) must defend their membership through continuous assessment.


Kappa Sigma Mu represents a novel experiment in the Polkadot ecosystem, blending blockchain technology with human commitment in a unique and engaging way. By requiring Proof-of-Ink and fostering a sense of identity and responsibility among members, the society not only explores new forms of organization but also exemplifies the potential of DAOs in bridging the digital and physical worlds. The Kappa Sigma Mu Society is an intriguing example of how technology and humanity can coexist and evolve together, pushing the boundaries of what decentralized communities can achieve.

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