GlobalStake offer secure, high-yield Web3 infrastructure for institutional investors, providing SOC2-compliant, carbon-negative staking services globally

GlobalStake Pioneering Institutional-Grade Web3 Infrastructure

GlobalStake is more than just a service provider. Through its enterprise-grade data centers, cutting-edge infrastructure, and meticulously engineered equipment, GlobalStake aims to secure and optimize proof-of-stake networks, offering unmatched returns and security for institutional investors, custodians, and exchanges.

Unrivaled Expertise for Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure

GlobalStake leverages profound financial and legal acumen combined with decades of experience in technology and data center operations to create an unparalleled platform. The mission is straightforward yet ambitious: maximize the efficiency and decentralization of web3 infrastructure for holders of digital assets, tokens, and cryptocurrencies.

Tailored Services for Institutional Clients

Specializing in serving institutional clients, GlobalStake recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities within the institutional investment sphere. Their infrastructure solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of hedge funds, venture capital firms, and family offices, providing precision and dedication that cater to their distinct requirements.

State-of-the-Art Security and Performance

In an era where security and reliability are paramount, GlobalStake distinguishes itself with SOC-2 Type 2 bare metal infrastructure. This infrastructure offers enhanced security compared to cloud-based services and ensures superior performance and uptime for clients’ staking operations. The commitment to SOC2 compliance underscores their dedication to providing the most secure and reliable enterprise-grade services possible.

Always Connected, Always Supported

GlobalStake’s commitment to clients extends beyond typical business hours. The promise to “Connect With Us Any Time” highlights their dedication to continuous support and guidance, whether for investors, part of the blockchain ecosystem, or developers. This 24/7 availability ensures that clients receive the support they need whenever they need it.

GlobalStake Supporting Community Nodes

Community is at the heart of all blockchain projects, and GlobalStake proudly supports node operators of all sizes with the technology and resources needed to drive projects and communities forward. This support includes infrastructure, capital, and stake, fostering a vibrant and sustainable blockchain ecosystem.

Commitment to Sustainability

GlobalStake is steadfast in maintaining a carbon-negative footprint. Through proactive measures, they remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than they add, contributing to a sustainable future and demonstrating their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Global Presence with Local Expertise

GlobalStake operates self-owned and managed bare metal systems located in tier 4 and 5 data centers across the globe. This global footprint decentralizes stake and jurisdiction, enhancing security and performance. Current locations include Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cheyenne, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Washington, D.C., with more locations coming soon, including Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Johannesburg, Lagos, Mexico City, São Paulo, San Salvador, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Partnering with Industry Leaders

GlobalStake collaborates with industry leaders such as BitGo, CactusCustody, Cobo, ForDefi, MG Stover, Bloxroute, Rexshares, and Osprey to provide comprehensive enterprise solutions for proof-of-stake. These partnerships enable GlobalStake to offer capital numerous opportunities to realize exceptional fixed-income returns from a new asset class.

GlobalStake Shaping the Future of Digital Assets

By providing advanced technology, security, and obsessive services, GlobalStake empowers the future of digital asset staking. Their bespoke infrastructure, experienced professionals, and multidisciplinary team ensure superior execution and higher yields, making them a preferred choice for institutional investors seeking to navigate and thrive in the web3 ecosystem.

GlobalStake – Certified Carbon-Negative Staking

Through positive action and innovative solutions, GlobalStake proudly maintains a carbon-negative status, building a sustainable future for the blockchain ecosystem and beyond.

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