Typescript Your Way to Building Apps on Polkadot via Apillon

Discover how to build Polkadot apps with TypeScript and Apillon SDK, simplifying Web3 development for all.
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In a recent tech talk, Tadej Vengust from Apillon delved into the seamless integration of TypeScript with Apillon SDK to build applications on the Polkadot network. This article highlights the key points and innovative solutions discussed during the session, providing developers with a comprehensive overview of building Web3 applications using Apillon.

Introduction to Apillon

Apillon is a Web3 development platform designed to simplify the complexities of different parachains for Web2 developers. It provides a range of features aimed at easing the development process, including decentralized storage, hosting, NFT minting, and on-chain identity integration. Powered by the IPFS network and Crust parachain, Apillon ensures a robust infrastructure for decentralized applications (dApps).

Key Features of Apillon

  1. Decentralized Storage and Hosting:
    • Decentralized Storage: Utilizing IPFS, Apillon offers drag-and-drop functionalities, custom IPFS gateways, and CLI tools for managing decentralized storage.
    • Decentralized Hosting: With SSL certificates and easy deployment processes, Apillon enables hosting websites in a decentralized manner. Supported chains include Moonbeam and Astar, among others.
  2. NFT Minting and Management:
    • NFT Configurator: Apillon provides tools for creating and deploying NFTs on multiple standards, including ERC-721 and the Remark standard.
    • Pre-Build Solutions: These include airdropping NFTs to emails, whitelist claims, and proof-of-attendance tokens, which ensure secure and verifiable attendance at events.
  3. On-Chain Identity and Chat Integration:
    • Subsocial Parachain Integration: Apillon integrates with Subsocial to offer decentralized chat rooms and on-chain identity validation.
    • Compute Power Integration: Apillon incorporates compute power from FaaS (Function as a Service) solutions, enhancing its decentralized capabilities.

Building with TypeScript and Apillon SDK

Apillon provides a TypeScript SDK, making it accessible and efficient for developers familiar with the language to build on Polkadot. The SDK supports other languages and CLI tools, ensuring versatility. The pre-built solutions offered by Apillon are particularly beneficial for developers looking to get started quickly. These solutions include:

  • Front-end and Back-end Integration: Utilizing TypeScript for front-end (Vue.js) and Node.js/Express for back-end, Apillon provides complete solutions that can be easily customized.
  • GitHub Actions for Deployment: Automated deployment processes using GitHub Actions ensure that any changes pushed to the repository are built and deployed seamlessly.

Demonstration and Real-world Applications

During the tech talk, Tadej demonstrated how to deploy a website using Apillon’s tools and how to airdrop NFTs using email addresses. He also showcased the admin panel, which allows event organizers to manage airdrops and monitor participation. The session highlighted the simplicity and efficiency of Apillon’s solutions, making it clear why developers should consider this platform for their Web3 projects.

Future Developments and Community Engagement

Apillon aims to expand its pre-built solutions, focusing on broader applications and marketplace integration. This would allow developers to share and sell their solutions, fostering a collaborative ecosystem. The ongoing airdrop campaign by Apillon encourages developers to explore the platform’s features, providing rewards for engagement and usage.


Apillon, with its TypeScript SDK and comprehensive feature set, is poised to revolutionize the way developers approach building on Polkadot. By abstracting complexities and providing ready-to-use solutions, Apillon bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 development, empowering developers to create innovative decentralized applications with ease.

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