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Mimir is an advanced multisig wallet tool tailored specifically for the Polkadot ecosystem

Mimir Multisig Wallet: A Comprehensive Tool for Polkadot's Ecosystem

In the dynamic world of blockchain, multi-signature (multisig) wallets have become essential for managing digital assets securely and efficiently. Mimir is an advanced multisig wallet tool tailored specifically for the Polkadot ecosystem, addressing the complexities and challenges associated with non-Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs). This article explores the features, benefits, and technical aspects of the Mimir Multisig Wallet, highlighting its significance within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Muktisig Wallets Background and Need

Multisig wallets are vital for various operations, from securing funds to managing organizational treasuries and participating in governance. The Polkadot ecosystem, with its robust demand for multisig solutions, requires a sophisticated tool to streamline these processes. Mimir addresses this need by integrating advanced multisig functionalities and providing a unified management portal for diverse account types.

Challenges Addressed by Mimir

  1. Account Creation and Management:

    • Challenge: Polkadot supports multiple account types but lacks a unified management portal.
    • Solution: Mimir offers a comprehensive platform to manage various accounts, including extension wallets and multisigs.
  2. Transaction Assembly and Execution:

    • Challenge: Users face complexities in assembling transactions for non-EOA accounts, with a significant portion being simple transfers.
    • Solution: Mimir simplifies transaction initiation and management, even for complex nested multisig setups.
  3. Application Interaction:

    • Challenge: Non-EOA accounts struggle to interact directly with applications.
    • Solution: Mimir integrates seamlessly with Polkadot.js and other third-party applications, enabling direct interactions using multisig identities.

Key Features of Mimir Multisig

  1. Support for Various Account Types:

    • Mimir supports a range of account systems including Extension Accounts, Static Multisig, Flexible Multisig, and Nested Multisig accounts. This versatility allows users to manage their assets and transactions efficiently within the Polkadot ecosystem.
  2. Nested Multisig Accounts:

    • Mimir allows for the creation of Nested Multisig accounts, where a multisig can include other multisigs as its members. This feature is particularly useful for enterprises and complex organizational structures, providing enhanced flexibility and security.
  3. Transaction Management:

    • Initiate Transactions: Users can initiate transactions for complex accounts with ease, without frequent account switching.
    • Full Transaction Status Display: Mimir provides detailed tracking and status display for nested multisig transactions, ensuring transparency and ease of management.
    • Transaction Syncing: Real-time syncing of transaction progress across different account levels.
  4. Integration with Apps:

    • Mimir integrates with Polkadot.js, allowing users to view and operate multisig accounts within the Polkadot ecosystem. This integration extends to other third-party applications, enhancing the overall user experience.
  5. Asset Management:

    • Users can view balances of various assets in their accounts and perform quick operations, making asset management straightforward and efficient.
  6. Security and Privacy:

    • Mimir ensures that all account-related information is handled securely, with privacy-preserving features that do not gather or store private user data.

Ecosystem Fit and Benefits

  1. Aggregate Account Management:

    • Mimir aggregates various accounts, including EOA, Static Multisig, Flexible Multisig, and Nested Multisig, into a single management interface. This consolidation simplifies account oversight and operation.
  2. Versatile Transaction Assembly:

    • Mimir supports the assembly of various transaction types, including those involving nested multisig levels and proxy categories. This capability is essential for complex organizational structures and enterprise-level asset management.
  3. Enterprise-Level Asset Management:

    • Mimir is designed to provide a Safe-like solution for enterprise asset management within the Polkadot ecosystem. By supporting Nested Multisig accounts, Mimir enables decentralized management and allocation of project funds.
  4. Third-Party Application Support:

    • Mimir integrates with third-party applications and parachain DApps, facilitating asset management and transaction execution directly through these platforms.
  5. In-House Application Development:

    • Mimir also develops its own DApps, such as Batch functions, to fill ecosystem gaps and enhance user efficiency.

Budget and Funding

The Mimir team has received funding support through various hackathons, including winning the 2023 Polkadot Asia Summer Hackathon and the 2023 Polkadot Winter Hackathon. However, additional financial support is required to cover ongoing maintenance and development costs. The team has proposed a treasury proposal to seek financial support for past development efforts.


The Mimir Multisig Wallet is a comprehensive tool designed to meet the complex needs of multisig users within the Polkadot ecosystem. By providing support for various account types, simplifying transaction management, and integrating with third-party applications, Mimir enhances the efficiency and security of asset management. Whether you are an individual user, a business, or a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Mimir offers the tools and functionalities necessary to navigate the Polkadot ecosystem effectively. Explore Mimir today and experience the future of multisig management on Polkadot.

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