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Kampela Signer

Kampela Signer

Kampela Signer is a hardware implementation of the Polkadot Vault (formerly known as Parity Signer). It is a small, card-shaped device designed to securely store cryptographic keys and perform signing operations.

Kampela Signer: A Secure Key Storage Device for the Polkadot Ecosystem

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain and web3 technologies, secure key management is a critical component for safeguarding digital assets. The Kampela Signer stands out as a cutting-edge solution specifically designed for the Polkadot ecosystem. This article provides an in-depth look at the Kampela Signer, exploring its features, benefits, technical specifications, and its role within the Polkadot network.

What is Kampela Signer?

Kampela Signer is a hardware implementation of the Polkadot Vault (formerly known as Parity Signer). It is a small, card-shaped device designed to securely store cryptographic keys and perform signing operations. The device accepts data through a unidirectional NFC port and displays output on a monochrome electronic paper screen. It leverages modern hardware-based crypto chips to ensure maximum security.

Key Features of Kampela Signer

1. Secure Key Storage

Kampela Signer is built with a cryptographic strongbox that supports elliptic curves used by Substrate, the framework that powers Polkadot. It stores private keys securely and performs all signing operations on-chip, ensuring that keys are never exposed to external threats.

2. Air-Gapped Operation

The device operates in an air-gapped environment, meaning it is completely isolated from networks and the internet. This design eliminates the risk of remote attacks and ensures that private keys remain secure.

3. Unidirectional NFC Communication

Kampela Signer communicates via a unidirectional NFC port, which only accepts data inputs. This method of communication ensures that data flows into the device without any outgoing signals, further enhancing security by preventing potential data leaks.

4. E-Paper Display

The monochrome electronic paper screen provides a clear and power-efficient display for the user interface. This type of display is also less susceptible to visual hacking compared to traditional screens.

5. Batteryless Design

The Kampela Signer is designed to be batteryless, drawing power through the NFC connection only when in use. This feature extends the device’s lifespan and reduces the need for battery maintenance or replacement.

Kampela Signer Technical Specifications


  • Form Factor: Credit card-sized, portable for easy carrying in a wallet.
  • NFC Technology: Unidirectional NFC port for secure data input.
  • Display: Monochrome electronic paper screen for clear and secure output.
  • Crypto Chip: Secure element supporting elliptic curves used by Substrate.


  • Open-Source Firmware: The firmware is fully open-source, allowing for community audits and enhancements.
  • Companion App: Siltti, an Android companion app, interfaces with the device to facilitate transactions and key management.

Benefits of Kampela Signer

1. Enhanced Security

By being air-gapped and batteryless, the Kampela Signer provides an unparalleled level of security for managing cryptographic keys. The use of secure elements and on-chip signing operations ensures that keys are never exposed to potential threats.

2. Transparency and Trust

As an open-source project, both the hardware and software components of Kampela Signer are fully transparent. This openness allows for community auditing and continuous improvement, fostering trust among users.

3. Durability and Reliability

The batteryless design ensures a longer operational lifespan and reliability, making Kampela Signer an ideal choice for long-term key storage and management.

Kampela Signer Use Cases in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Kampela Signer is particularly well-suited for various applications within the Polkadot ecosystem:

1. Secure Transaction Signing

Kampela Signer can be used to securely sign transactions on the Polkadot network, ensuring that private keys remain offline and protected from online threats.

2. Staking and Governance

Users participating in staking and governance within the Polkadot ecosystem can manage their voting and staking keys securely using Kampela Signer, ensuring their contributions remain secure.

3. Cold Storage

For long-term storage of cryptographic keys, Kampela Signer provides a highly secure solution. Its air-gapped and batteryless design ensures that keys remain safe from both online and offline threats.

Integration and Companion Tools

1. Siltti Companion App

Siltti is an Android companion app designed to interface with Kampela Signer. It facilitates transactions and key management, providing a user-friendly interface for interacting with the device.

2. Pilkki Firmware Tool

The Pilkki project includes tools for flashing firmware onto Kampela devkits. This allows developers to update and customize the device firmware as needed.

Community and Open-Source Contribution

Kampela Signer is an open-source project, encouraging contributions from the community. The project is organized into several repositories:

  • kampela-firmware: Contains firmware sources and associated software projects.
  • kampela-hardware: Includes hardware design schematics and supplementary files.
  • kampela-common: A collection of shared libraries used by both the “hot” and “cold” sides of the project.
  • siltti: The Android companion app for interfacing with the device.
  • docs: Miscellaneous documentation covering various aspects of the project.


The Kampela Signer represents a significant advancement in cryptographic key management, offering a secure, transparent, and reliable solution tailored for the Polkadot ecosystem. Its air-gapped, batteryless design, combined with open-source transparency, makes it an ideal choice for users seeking enhanced security for their digital assets. Whether for transaction signing, staking, governance, or cold storage, Kampela Signer provides the tools necessary to navigate the Polkadot network securely and efficiently. Explore Kampela Signer today and take a step towards a more secure and trustworthy blockchain experience.

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