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Energy Web Chain offers open-source digital technologies that help companies navigate the energy transition.

Energy Web: Powering a Decarbonized Energy Future

Energy Web is a non-profit organization on a mission to accelerate the global transition to clean energy. They achieve this by developing open-source software solutions that empower companies to unlock the value of clean and distributed energy resources.

At the core of Energy Web’s technology lies the Energy Web Decentralized Operating System (EW-DOS). EW-DOS provides companies with the tools to build custom applications and business networks that leverage established protocols alongside pioneering technologies.

Key Components of Energy Web

  • Energy Web Chain (EWC): A public, enterprise-grade blockchain designed specifically for the energy sector’s needs. It provides a secure and transparent platform for data exchange and transaction settlement.
  • Energy Web Token (EWT): The native utility token of the EWC, used for staking and various services within the EW-DOS ecosystem.
  • Open-source software tools and standards: EW-DOS offers a comprehensive suite of open-source software tools and standards that developers can leverage to build dApps (decentralized applications) tailored to the energy sector.

What Problems Does Energy Web Solve?

Energy Web tackles two critical challenges in the current energy market:

  • Facilitating data sharing and collaboration: EW-DOS empowers market participants to seamlessly share information and coordinate operations, maximizing the value of clean energy resources.
  • Enabling transparent and efficient renewable energy marketplaces: Energy Web fosters open and scalable marketplaces for buying and selling renewable energy, ensuring trust and transparency throughout the process.

Why Use Energy Web?

  • Focus on the energy sector: Energy Web’s solutions are built specifically for the energy industry, providing a tailored environment for your dApp.
  • Open-source and interoperable: Their open-source approach fosters collaboration and ensures compatibility with a wider ecosystem.
  • Secure and transparent: The EWC blockchain guarantees secure data exchange and transparent transactions.
  • Experienced team: Energy Web is backed by a team of industry experts dedicated to accelerating the clean energy transition.

By leveraging Energy Web’s technology stack, developers can build innovative dApps that address the unique needs of the energy sector and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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