COSMIZE is a metaverse platform on the Astar blockchain, enabling users to create, customize, and interact in a decentralized virtual world.

COSMIZE Metaverse: Unleashing Creativity in a Decentralized Virtual World

Welcome to the Polkadot ecosystem projects directory. In this article, we explore COSMIZE, a revolutionary metaverse platform built on the Astar blockchain. COSMIZE combines the vastness of the cosmos with the freedom to customize, allowing users to create and personalize their virtual spaces. This in-depth look covers COSMIZE’s vision, mission, key features, and the technology that powers it.

What is COSMIZE?

COSMIZE Overview The name “COSMIZE” blends “Cosmos” and “Customize,” symbolizing a space where users can bring their cosmic imaginations to life. Running on the Astar blockchain, a multi-chain smart contract platform, COSMIZE supports various blockchains and virtual machines (VMs). The platform aims to create a fully interoperable metaverse ecosystem, empowering users to engage in community activities, events, quests, and more.

Mission and Vision

  • Mission: COSMIZE seeks to provide an unrestricted environment where users can express themselves freely in virtual spaces. It aspires to create a second reality where people can connect, build communities, and live immersive experiences.
  • Vision: “A place for connecting your passion.” COSMIZE envisions a decentralized utopian future where everyone can express their identity and connect with like-minded individuals.

Cosmize Key Features

1. Community-Driven Activities COSMIZE is designed to be a vibrant hub for community activities, enabling users to create and participate in events, quests, and social gatherings. This fosters a sense of belonging and collaboration, reflecting the decentralized spirit of the platform.

2. Personalization and Creativity Users can customize their avatars, rooms, and items, creating unique identities and spaces that reflect their personalities and passions. COSMIZE offers tools for users to design and decorate their virtual environments, enhancing the creative potential of the metaverse.

3. Advanced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Integration COSMIZE leverages years of research and development in immersive technologies. The platform ensures optimized VR and AR experiences, making it accessible across various devices and infrastructures.

4. Seamless Interoperability Built on Astar Network, COSMIZE supports both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments, ensuring interoperability and flexibility for developers and users. The platform’s architecture combines Web2 and Web3 technologies, delivering a seamless metaverse experience.

5. NFT Integration and Economy COSMIZE incorporates NFTs using ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, enabling users to own, trade, and showcase digital assets. The platform’s economy is driven by user contributions and energy, facilitating peaceful and orderly trade within the community.

COSMIZE Metaverse World

1. Sky City Sky City is the central hub of COSMIZE, where users can interact, trade, and participate in events. It features various facilities, including the Astar Hub, Event Hall, and Gallery. Sky City also hosts apartments for COSMO Bracelet NFT holders, allowing them to personalize and display their collected NFTs.

2. Event Hall The Event Hall is a key feature in COSMIZE, designed for hosting AMAs, virtual gatherings, and other community events. The hall can accommodate up to 200 avatars, providing a space for large-scale interactions and collaborations.

3. Room ROOMs in COSMIZE offer personalized spaces for users to relax, socialize, and display their NFTs. Users can decorate their ROOMs with unique furniture and invite friends to share their virtual experiences. ROOMs serve as private sanctuaries within the bustling Sky City.

Cosmize Metaverse Technology and Architecture

1. Astar Blockchain COSMIZE is built on the Astar Network, a decentralized platform that supports both EVM and Wasm environments. This foundation ensures robust security, scalability, and interoperability.

2. MetaCloud Architecture COSMIZE’s MetaCloud combines Web2 and Web3 architectures to deliver an optimal metaverse experience. This innovative approach integrates cloud services with decentralized technologies, enhancing performance and user engagement.

3. Token Standards and Storage COSMIZE uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards for NFTs, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. The platform stores metadata and files on IPFS and an off-chain database, ensuring data availability and efficient asset loading.

Cosmize Core Team

The COSMIZE core team comprises experts from the immersive technology and XR industries, united by the vision of creating a transformative metaverse platform. Key team members include:

  • Ace (Founder & CEO): With 7 years in the XR industry, Ace has led several XR projects and is passionate about the metaverse.
  • Rocketman (Co-Founder, COO & Product Ops Commander): An XR industry veteran with 8 years of experience, Rocketman excels in product management and has a deep interest in music and cinematography.
  • Catalize (Co-Founder & CTO): With 9 years of experience in VR, game, and systems development, Catalize is a technology speaker and hardcore gamer.
  • Nick (Co-Founder & CMO): A growth manager with experience in major CtoC companies, Nick is also a prolific blogger and video creator with nearly 100K followers.
  • Frisk (Co-Founder & CCO): An 8-year professional 3D artist and NFT enthusiast, Frisk is also a hobbyist music producer and game addict.
  • Tomocci (Lead of Concept Art): With 20 years as a professional designer, Tomocci has contributed to popular manga and is passionate about games and anime.

Cosmize Roadmap


  • Q1: Concept design, community network preparation, business partnerships, and product design.
  • Q2: MVP design, promotion video release, partnerships with Astar projects, and community integration.
  • Q3: MVP launch, 3D art development, NFT Access Key sales.
  • Q4: Core system improvements, event hall capacity enhancement, community program launch, website release, mini-quest implementation.


  • Q1: Smartphone version launch, avatar and ROOM improvements, enterprise collaborations.
  • Q2: Hoverboard system creation, public sale for ROOM Access Key NFTs, pod system logic preparation, collaborations with IPs.
  • Q3: Point exchange system release, ROOM function update, significant partnerships, Japan market focus.
  • Q4: UserKit launch, new avatar system, point exchange system improvement, multichain integration, DAO environment setup.


COSMIZE is a pioneering metaverse platform that blends advanced technology with creative freedom, allowing users to build and customize their virtual worlds. With a strong emphasis on community-driven activities, interoperability, and NFT integration, COSMIZE is set to revolutionize the metaverse experience. By fostering a decentralized, user-centric environment, COSMIZE enables individuals to connect, express themselves, and explore endless possibilities in a cosmic virtual realm.

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