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Polkadot’s Open Governance (OpenGov) model fosters decentralized decision-making by distributing governance authority among its token holders, allowing for a democratic process in network development and upgrades.

Delegation of votes play a crucial role. This allows individuals to participate in the decision-making process of Polkadot OpenGov, even if they are not able to actively engage in governance activities themselves.

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OpenGov Forums & Tools

Dive into the pioneering world of decentralized governance with Polkadot OpenGov. Here, the Polkadot community takes the reins, steering the network’s direction with unwavering autonomy.

P. Delegation Dashboard

OpenGov Tool

No time to vote? Keep Polkadot running smoothly by delegating to an expert.


OpenGov Forum

Polkassembly is a governance forum for Polkadot, Kusama and all substrate chains.


OpenGov Forum

SubSquare enables community members to propose, discuss and vote on gov. proposals.

Top OpenGov Voters

Below is a list of some of the most active and respected validators in the ecosystem. Sumbit your project.

Sik |Crifferent.De

Staking as a Service. Specialized on Polkadot networks and promise secure & reliable staking to increase your revenue by low commissions.



Validation, Collation and Infrastructure Services. We are committed to providing quality infrastructure services for the Polkadot ecosystem on owned hardware powered by renewable energy.

Will | Paradox

Validator Operator at ParaNodes.io. I’m a member of Kusama’s outgoing council. His council experience allows him to better understand the technical aspects of governance and appreciate the general ‘values’ of the chain.


Polkadot Ecosystem Validator and Collator.


Amforc is a bootstrapped company based in Switzerland, and is exclusively committed to the Polkadot ecosystem


TurboFlakes builds end-user tooling and provides validators and collators for the Polkadot ecosystem since 2021.


ChaosDAO is a curated community of Polkadot & Kusama natives. The members are involved with every aspect of the ecosystem as developers, community organizers, educators, and as ordinary retail investors.


Ivy is a high-impact governance collective on Polkadot with a single goal: sustainably increase DOT’s value.


💫 Macrodata Refiner at Parity.


Kusama and Polkadot Validator, Governance participant

Swiss Bond

Swiss Bond is a trusted Governance delegate, infrastructure provider, validator and operator of the Swiss Pool nomination pools

CryptoLab 01

Founder/Developer @CryptoLab. hodler. validator. buidler, father!


Abdulbee is currently contribute to Polkadot full-time. I’m dedicated to the relay-chain, and not to an individual, official or organization. Hence, the best interest of the network comes first, and my votes reflect this.

Alex PromoTeam

Polkadot Head Ambassador | PromoTeam Member | Validator. PromoTeam is a diverse team of specialists and blockchain activists with various skills that actively promotes the Polkadot ecosystem.


Polkadot Ecosystem Wallet.


DOZENODES, a trusted name in the realm of Polkadot, is dedicated to running top-tier validators while maintaining an unwavering commitment to security.


Support & Anti-Scam Lead at Web3 Foundation. I vote in all referenda, but I usually abstain from the ones seeking funding, unless the proposal brings clear value to the ecosystem (like infrastructure, tools, or very original ideas).

Math Crypto

Validators for Kusama and Polkadot within the 1kv programme. Diligently voting on each proposal, and making user-friendly tools for participating in OpenGov.

Polkadot BizDev

Experienced Polkadot Business Development (‘BizDev’) executives that focus on driving forward the commercial growth of the Polkadot ecosystem.


Supporting the network is the main incentive to work. Security in the guarantees and investment prospects of community members. The service is powered by renewable energy.

Cypher Labs

Cypher Labs is a trusted Proof-of-Stake infrastructure provider and validator to comfortably stake your coins and earn rewards with Kusama.


Polkadot Ambassador in France and long-time DOT holder.

Staker Space

Independent node-operator group called Staker Space. Beeing a part of Polkadot since the early testnets.


Radiumblock.com focuses on Web3 Infra for Designers, Developers, Dapps.


Polkadot Application Engineer at Parity. Help build an ecosystem of lighthouse projects, tutorials, documentation, and an open-source culture around Substrate.


Validator Polkadot, Kusama, Cosmos | Senior Ambassador Moonbeam. 𝐔𝐓𝐒𝐀 is a trustworthy and high performance validator that supports public hotspots, relaying, and required documentation.


Ubik Capital is a Proof of Stake service provider, validator, and investor. Ubik Capital provides staking as a service and investments to various blockchain projects.

Dom | Globalist

Reviewing policy with regard to the formation of a strong & cohesive global government.


As a delegate on Polkadot, his primary goal is to contribute to the development and growth of the network through active participation in governance and decision-making.


AG staking provides high returns, low downtimes for many blockchain networks. Invested in increase decentralisation of young networks.


Generic chain offers Non-custodial Validation Services for many chains in the Polkadot ecosystem.


Flower power.


Holder and then independent validator, enthusiastic supporter of the polkadot world and its revolutionary technology


Governance experimenter, validator, researcher. United Networks of State Machines.


Polkadot validator and media house

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