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Discover how Polkadot OpenGov achieves true decentralization through the decentralized voices program of the Web3 Foundation.
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In Web3, governance is crucial for maintaining decentralized networks that are resilient, adaptive, and truly representative of their stakeholders. Polkadot, a leading multi-chain platform, has made a significant leap forward with the introduction of Polkadot OpenGov, a new governance model that embodies the principles of decentralization, enhancing decision-making processes’ efficiency and inclusivity.

Polkadot’s initial governance model, Governance V1, relied on a centralized Council to manage proposals and decisions. This structure, while functional, often resulted in slower and less inclusive processes. OpenGov addresses these issues by dissolving the Council and the Technical Committee, transferring all governance responsibilities directly to the public. This shift democratizes the decision-making process, allowing for a broader range of proposals to be considered simultaneously through a track-based system. Multi-role delegations enable token holders to delegate voting power across different tracks to various community experts, ensuring informed and specialized decision-making.

Decentralized Voices Program: Empowering Community Participation

To further enhance community involvement in Polkadot and Kusama’s governance, the Web3 Foundation has launched the Decentralized Voices (DV) program. This initiative delegates substantial voting power to active community members, empowering them to significantly influence the governance process. The second cohort of the DV program has just been announced, featuring ten Kusama delegates and ten Polkadot delegates.

Each Polkadot delegate will be entrusted with 700,000 DOT at 6x conviction, translating to 4.2 million DOT voting power per delegate. Similarly, each Kusama delegate will receive 3,000 KSM at 6x conviction, or 18,000 KSM voting power. The delegates will manage this voting power across various tracks, including Wish-for-Change, Treasurer, Spender, and Tipper tracks, for a period of three months.

Selection Criteria and Delegate Profiles

The selection process for the DV program was highly competitive, focusing on candidates who demonstrated active participation in governance, both on-chain and through respectful and thoughtful off-chain interactions. Preference was given to individuals who are building in the Polkadot ecosystem or have long-term, thoughtful participation in the community. Community sentiment and the candidates’ “political philosophy” posts also played a crucial role in the selection process. The Web3 Foundation aimed to include a diverse set of delegates representing various outlooks, backgrounds, and geographic locations.

Announcing the Cohort 2 Delegates

Here are the delegates selected for the second cohort of the Decentralized Voices program:

Polkadot Delegates:

  • BRA_16 Collective
  • ChaosDAO
  • Ezio Rojas
  • Irina Karagyaur
  • Lucky Friday Labs
  • Mexican Collective
  • Oneblock+
  • Polkassembly
  • Saxemberg
  • Scytale Digital

Kusama Delegates:

  • 0xGeorgii | SpaceInvader
  • Alex | PromoTeam
  • Bruno Škvorc
  • Dr. Jeff Cao
  • Lorena Fabris
  • KSM Community Collective
  • Luke Schoen
  • Roger Le
  • Thomas Rivier | Bifrost
  • Tommi/Hitchhooker | Rotko.net

The Web3 Foundation thanks all the delegates from Cohort 1 for their service and looks forward to Cohort 2 raising the community’s voice even higher.


Polkadot OpenGov and the Decentralized Voices program exemplify the importance of decentralized governance in Web3. By empowering community members to participate directly in governance processes, these initiatives ensure that the network remains secure, inclusive, and adaptive. As Web3 continues to grow, such innovations will be essential in demonstrating how decentralized governance can effectively support and sustain complex, multi-chain environments, paving the way for a more equitable and dynamic digital future.

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