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Blockspace is the capability of a blockchain to finalize and commit operations. It embodies a blockchain’s trifecta of security, computing, and storage prowess as a finished product.
Agile Coretime is a concept associated with the Polkadot blockchain network, aimed at optimizing the allocation and utilization of blockspace, which is the capacity of a blockchain to finalize and commit operations.

Polkadot Blockspace Features

Shared security

Anyone building within the Polkadot ecosystem will benefit from the established shared security of the network from the start.


Polkadot allows different blockchain protocols to smoothly connect and exchange data, enabling a fast time to market of innovative dapps.


Polkadot’s blockspace fits to your bespoke needs. Easily realize your very own requirements and combine different types of blockspace from multiple sources to create new use cases.

Efficient allocation

Polkadot provides timely access to expanded blockspace, enabling an uninterrupted flow of bandwidth, even during periods of heavy congestion.

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