How The Polkadot SDK Empowers Social Finance – Sub0 2024

Explore how Subsocial uses the Polkadot SDK to revolutionize social finance and content monetization with decentralized solutions & incentives.
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At the Sub0 2024 conference, Alex Siman from Subsocial Network presented an insightful talk on how the Polkadot SDK empowers social finance. This innovative use of blockchain technology is transforming social networking and content monetization, offering new incentives for content creators and enabling seamless interactions for users.

Introduction to Subsocial and Polkadot SDK

Subsocial is a pioneering project leveraging the Polkadot SDK, previously known as Substrate, to build a decentralized social networking platform. The project aims to provide a comprehensive layer for social networking and content monetization with built-in incentives for content creators. By utilizing Polkadot SDK, Subsocial has developed a blockchain that functions as a parachain within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Subsocial User Experience and Monetization

One of the standout features of Subsocial is its focus on user experience. Users can interact with the platform without needing to hold tokens initially, thanks to sponsored transactions. This approach removes barriers to entry and encourages new users to explore the platform.

Subsocial’s monetization model, called content staking, allows users to lock native tokens to start earning rewards. This model incentivizes active participation rather than passive staking. Users must engage daily by liking or interacting with content to maximize their rewards. This system promotes continuous activity, which is crucial for social networking platforms.

Subsocial Innovative Features and Integrations

The Polkadot SDK enables Subsocial to integrate advanced features seamlessly. Users can verify their Ethereum-based addresses and link them to their Subsocial accounts. This functionality extends to Web2 identities like Google and Twitter, providing a familiar and convenient login experience for users.

In terms of content monetization, Subsocial has achieved impressive results. Content creators on the platform can earn significant rewards, with some making around $800 per month. The ability to earn from every like, comment, or post transforms how users engage with social media, making it a more rewarding experience.

Subsocial Expanding Use Cases

Beyond traditional social media functionalities, Subsocial’s technology enables a wide range of applications. From video platforms and discussion widgets to web3 profiles that integrate asset management and social features, the potential uses are vast. This flexibility showcases the power of the Polkadot SDK in building diverse, robust applications on a decentralized framework.

Web3 User Experience

A critical advantage of using the Polkadot SDK is the ability to provide a Web3 user experience that feels like Web2. Subsocial achieves this through features like energy systems for transaction fees, proxy accounts for seamless user interactions, and linking with EVM addresses for broad compatibility.

Subsocial Looking Ahead

Subsocial’s innovative use of the Polkadot SDK exemplifies how blockchain technology can revolutionize social networking and content monetization. By providing a user-friendly, decentralized platform with robust incentives for content creators, Subsocial is setting a new standard for social finance.


Alex Siman’s talk at Sub0 2024 highlighted the transformative potential of the Polkadot SDK in empowering social finance. Subsocial’s platform not only offers a decentralized solution for social networking but also integrates powerful monetization tools that benefit users and creators alike. As the platform continues to grow, it stands as a testament to the capabilities of the Polkadot ecosystem in fostering innovative blockchain applications.

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