Discover Youdles NFTs and YoudleDAO: cutting-edge RMRK-powered NFTs on Astar, managing a multichain DAO on InvArch.

Exploring Youdles and YoudleDAO: A Revolution in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Nestled within the Polkadot ecosystem, Youdles NFTs and YoudleDAO bring an innovative approach to digital assets and decentralized governance.

Youdles NFTs powered by RMRK NFT standard

Youdles NFTs are far from ordinary. They are powered by RMRK, the most advanced set of NFT standards globally, offering a unique and dynamic digital asset experience. These NFTs are based on the Astar Network, Japan’s most popular blockchain, known for its interoperability with both Polkadot and Ethereum ecosystems. Astar’s capabilities allow Youdles to provide unparalleled cross-layer scaling and support for both Wasm and EVM environments.

Each Youdle NFT consists of a base avatar with equippable NFTs, enabling holders to customize and update their Youdles. This flexibility and innovation position Youdles as evolutionary NFTs with revolutionary power.

YoudleDAO: The Heart of a Multichain Community

YoudleDAO operates on the InvArch Network, which is at the forefront of DAO technology. This multichain DAO leverages the unique capabilities of InvArch to manage assets across various networks seamlessly. YoudleDAO is not just a single entity but a system of subDAOs, each with specialized functions, ranging from community growth initiatives to funding ecosystem projects.

YoudleDAO is governed by Youdles NFTs, with different NFTs providing varying levels of access and voting rights within the DAO. The DAO’s governance is dynamic, with members able to boost their voting power and earnings through active participation and social contributions. Reputation within the DAO is built through these activities, further enhancing the community-driven nature of YoudleDAO.

YoudleDAO Rewards and Access

Youdles NFT holders benefit from monthly staking rewards via DAO Staking on InvArch and dApp Staking on Astar. Plans for DOT staking are also in the works, ensuring a steady stream of rewards distributed based on each Youdle’s reputation. Certain rare NFTs, known as “Rainbow Rare” items, can further enhance access and boost rewards, adding another layer of engagement and value for holders.

YoudleDAO The Vision and Mission

The overarching mission of YoudleDAO is to strengthen the Polkadot ecosystem by fostering a strong NFT community, incubating Web3 community tools, and empowering ecosystem members. The DAO’s treasury, funded through various staking mechanisms, supports these goals by allocating resources to subDAOs, community projects, and strategic initiatives.

YoudleDAO Powered by InvArch: The Future of DAO Technology

The InvArch Network provides the backbone for YoudleDAO’s operations. As a multichain account abstraction hub, InvArch enables decentralized operations and financial management across multiple blockchains. This technology ensures that YoudleDAO can manage its assets and execute transactions efficiently, reinforcing its position at the cutting edge of DAO solutions.


Youdles and YoudleDAO exemplify the innovative spirit of the Web3 world, combining advanced NFT standards with sophisticated DAO governance. By leveraging the strengths of the Astar and InvArch networks, they offer a robust, dynamic, and community-driven platform that stands poised to make significant contributions to the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond. As the project evolves, it promises to bring even more exciting developments to the world of digital assets and decentralized communities.

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