The Astar Bulletin (TAB)

Weekly updates on Astar Network news, tutorials, and developments, curated by the community for developers and enthusiasts.

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The Astar Bulletin (TAB) stands as a premier source of weekly updates, providing the latest news and developments within the Astar Network ecosystem. Curated meticulously by the Astar community, for the community, TAB aims to deliver concise and comprehensive recaps of the week’s most significant events and milestones.

Overview of the Astar Network

Astar Network is a cutting-edge protocol designed to streamline the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). By offering an array of tools and an emphasis on ease of use, Astar Network positions itself as a pivotal platform within the broader blockchain and Polkadot ecosystem. Its mission is to foster innovation and provide robust infrastructure for developers to create and deploy smart contracts seamlessly.

The Essence of The Astar Bulletin

TAB is distributed weekly and is readily accessible on The Astar Bulletin website. Additionally, it leverages the reach of social media, with updates and highlights shared through its official Twitter account, @AstarBulletin. This strategic dissemination ensures that the newsletter reaches a wide audience, from developers and blockchain enthusiasts to investors and stakeholders within the Astar Network.

The Astar Bulletin Content and Features

Each edition of TAB is crafted to provide an easy-to-digest summary of the week’s happenings within the Astar Network. The newsletter covers a broad spectrum of content, including:

  • Important Developments: Key announcements and updates that shape the trajectory of the Astar Network.
  • Opinion Pieces: Insights and perspectives from thought leaders within the community, offering nuanced views on current trends and future directions.
  • Educational Content: Tutorials and guides aimed at empowering users with the knowledge to leverage Astar Network’s capabilities. This includes instructions on creating smart contracts on Polkadot and Astar, as well as setting up local test networks using tools like ZombieNet.

The Astar Bulletin Educational Initiatives

A significant component of TAB is its commitment to education. The newsletter features detailed tutorials that guide users through complex processes in a simplified manner. Notable among these are:

  • Smart Contract Development: Step-by-step guides on creating and deploying smart contracts on both Polkadot and Astar Network, enabling developers to harness the full potential of these platforms.
  • Local Test Network Setup: Instructions on establishing a local test network between Polkadot and Astar using ZombieNet, a crucial skill for developers aiming to test and refine their applications in a controlled environment.

The Astar Bulletin Community Engagement

The Astar Bulletin is more than just a newsletter; it is a hub for community engagement. By fostering a space where members can share insights, discuss developments, and collaborate on projects, TAB plays a vital role in strengthening the Astar community. The involvement of the community in curating content ensures that the newsletter remains relevant and resonates with its audience.


Staying informed about the latest blockchain developments in the Astar Network ecosystem is crucial. The Astar Bulletin fulfills this need by offering a reliable, weekly recap of the Astar Network’s ecosystem. With its blend of news, opinions, and educational content, TAB not only keeps its readers updated but also empowers them to actively participate in the growth and evolution of the Astar Network. As the Astar Network continues to expand and innovate, The Astar Bulletin will remain an indispensable resource for anyone invested in the future of decentralized technologies.

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