TeddyDAO is a Nonprofit NFT platform on Moonbeam network promoting social good through daily auctions for charity.

TeddyDAO: Innovating Charitable Giving through NFTs on the Moonbeam Network

TeddyDAO is a nonprofit NFT platform designed to promote social good by leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology. Built on the Moonbeam network, a Polkadot parachain, TeddyDAO has received support through a grant from the Moonbeam Foundation. The platform’s mission is to raise awareness for charities and establish itself as a leading brand for charitable giving within the Web3 ecosystem. By innovating the donation process, TeddyDAO aims to make charitable contributions more engaging and rewarding for donors.

Understanding NFTs and Their Appeal

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital identifier recorded on a blockchain that certifies authenticity and ownership. NFTs are indivisible and cannot be replicated, making each one distinct. People purchase NFTs for various reasons, including speculation, community involvement, utility (such as event access and merchandise), and as status symbols.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization governed by rules encoded as computer programs, often transparent and controlled by its members rather than a central authority. In the case of TeddyDAO, each Teddy NFT grants the holder one vote within the DAO, allowing them to submit proposals and participate in governance.

The Vision and Mission of TeddyDAO

TeddyDAO is committed to using NFTs to make a meaningful difference. Each day, one Teddy NFT is auctioned on-chain, with the highest bid going directly to the bidder’s chosen charity. This unique auction mechanism is inspired by the success of projects like Nouns DAO and aims to harness the power of daily auctions to drive charitable donations.

How TeddyDAO Works

To participate in a TeddyDAO auction, users must connect their digital wallet and place a bid using $GLMR, Moonbeam Network‘s native token. The highest bidder at the end of each auction wins the NFT, and the proceeds are donated to their selected charity. The list of eligible charities is pre-approved through a partnership with JustGiving, ensuring all donations are appropriately distributed.

TeddyDAO Governance Structure

TeddyDAO‘s governance model is designed to evolve as the project matures. Initially, governance will be handled by the team, transitioning to a more community-driven approach as more Teddies are minted. Eventually, the DAO aims to pool donations and collectively decide on significant charitable projects, such as building schools or supporting large-scale initiatives.

TeddyDAO Market Potential and Social Impact

The NFT market is projected to grow significantly, reaching over $200 billion by 2030. Despite the substantial market size, only a small fraction of NFT sales currently go to charity. TeddyDAO aims to change this by fostering a culture of giving within the crypto community. By integrating charitable donations into the NFT bidding process, TeddyDAO provides a seamless and engaging way for individuals to contribute to causes they care about.

TeddyDAO Community and Team

TeddyDAO’s team brings together expertise from Web3, NFTs, charity, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. Key team members include David Chapman, founder of Kusama Kingdom and CEO of Lucky Friday NFT; Joshua Waller, a dApp developer with personal experience benefiting from charitable organizations; and Yumi, a prominent pixel artist within the Web3 space. The team is dedicated to leveraging their skills to deliver long-term social good.


TeddyDAO represents a pioneering effort to integrate charitable giving with the emerging NFT market. By providing a platform where 100% of the proceeds from NFT auctions go to charity, TeddyDAO not only supports important causes but also introduces new users to the world of Web3. As the platform grows, it aims to become a leader in charitable donations within the crypto space, encouraging a shift in habits towards more frequent and impactful giving.

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