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Coworking in Bled, Slovenia. SubWork offers professional workspaces, community events, and natural surroundings for optimal productivity.

SubWork: is a Premier Web3 Coworking Space in Slovenia's Julian Alps

Nestled in the picturesque town of Bled in Slovenia, SubWork is more than just a coworking space; it is a thriving community designed for web3 builders, crypto enthusiasts, and AI innovators. Positioned amidst the stunning Julian Alps, SubWork offers a unique blend of professional workspace and a rejuvenating natural environment, making it an ideal destination for those seeking productivity and well-being.

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia is recognized as one of Europe’s most crypto-friendly destinations, home to several prominent blockchain companies and startups like Apillon, BlockAnalitica, Bitstamp, and GoCrypto. Its favorable regulatory environment and supportive infrastructure make it a hub for innovation and digital entrepreneurship.

Bled: A Haven for Productivity and Well-Being

Bled is renowned for its superior air quality, serene natural surroundings, and optimal weather conditions, boasting 2884 sunshine hours annually. This idyllic setting promotes a balanced lifestyle where productivity and well-being go hand in hand. SubWork leverages this environment, offering a space where professionals can focus on their projects while enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

SubWork: The Ideal Coworking Space

SubWork provides a variety of amenities tailored to the needs of tech professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • Collaborative and Focused Workspaces: The facility includes areas for both focused and collaborative work, acoustically insulated for comfort and equipped with 4K 32″ USB-C monitors.
  • High-Speed Internet: Reliable and ultra-fast optic fiber gigabit internet ensures seamless connectivity, crucial for blockchain development and AI projects.
  • Specialty Coffee and Refreshments: The workspace is stocked with specialty coffee equipment, productivity drinks like Club Mate, and other refreshments.
  • On-Site Gym and Showers: To support an active lifestyle, SubWork offers basic gym equipment and shower facilities, encouraging daily workouts.
  • Community Events: Regular meetups, tech talks, and social events foster a sense of community and facilitate networking among like-minded professionals.

Remote Booking and Membership Options

SubWork offers flexible booking options to accommodate different needs. Remote booking is available for longer stays, ensuring that professionals can access the space even if staff members are not on-site. Membership pricing ranges from daily passes to fixed desks, with discounts available for longer commitments and local startup scene members.

SubWork Community and Networking Opportunities

SubWork is not just a coworking space but a vibrant community that has hosted over 200 high-quality builders from cities like Zurich, Singapore, Munich, and Berlin. The space is designed to facilitate networking and collaboration, making it a breeding ground for innovation. Regular social events and meetups provide ample opportunities to connect with industry leaders and peers.

Conference and Event Hosting

SubWork is equipped to host conferences and significant meetups, with the capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 30 builders. The space is ideal for tech, crypto, and AI events, offering modern facilities and a conducive environment for brainstorming and collaboration.

Living and Accommodation in Bled

Bled offers various options for long-term stays, from coliving arrangements to private accommodations. The area is known for its medieval history, scenic beauty, and a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking, cycling, and water sports, making it an attractive destination for professionals seeking a balanced lifestyle.


SubWork stands out as a premier coworking space in the heart of Slovenia’s Julian Alps, offering a unique blend of professional amenities, community spirit, and a focus on well-being. Whether you’re a blockchain developer, AI researcher, or tech entrepreneur, SubWork provides the perfect environment to innovate, collaborate, and thrive amidst nature’s beauty.

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