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Decentralized staking services for Polkadot, Kusama, Elrond, and Tezos. Maximize returns with Stateless.Money’s secure validation solutions.

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Stateless.Money is an innovative staking service provider dedicated to enhancing network decentralization without sacrificing cost efficiency or performance. Specializing in the operation of validation software for a variety of prominent blockchain protocols, Stateless.Money plays a crucial role in the ecosystems of Polkadot, Kusama, Elrond, and Tezos. The company’s mission is to facilitate a more decentralized and resilient blockchain infrastructure, ensuring that networks remain robust and secure while offering competitive staking services.

Stateless Money Company Overview

Founded with a vision to empower blockchain networks, Stateless.Money is committed to delivering top-tier staking services. Unlike exchanges, Stateless.Money functions as a web-based platform providing virtual asset delegation, staking, and related bond pools. This focus allows it to cater specifically to the needs of blockchain enthusiasts and investors who prioritize decentralization and reliability in their staking activities.

Stateless Money Validator Service Offerings

Stateless.Money offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support blockchain networks and their participants:

  • Validation and Staking: Stateless.Money operates as a validator across multiple blockchain protocols. Users can delegate their assets to the platform, benefiting from its expertise in managing validation software and ensuring network integrity.

  • Bond Pools: The platform facilitates bond pools, allowing users to pool their assets together for staking, which can lead to higher rewards and improved network participation rates.

  • Nomination on Polkadot: One of the core services provided by Stateless.Money is the ability for users to nominate it as a validator on the Polkadot network. This process is straightforward and comes with a competitive 5% fee, ensuring that users can maximize their staking returns while supporting network security.

Stateless Money Commitment to Decentralization

Stateless.Money’s dedication to decentralization is evident in its operational ethos. By focusing on providing independent staking services, the company helps distribute network validation more evenly across participants. This distribution is critical in maintaining the decentralized nature of blockchain networks, which in turn enhances their security and reliability.

Stateless Money Supported Blockchain Networks

Stateless.Money’s involvement spans several key blockchain networks:

  • Polkadot: As an active participant in the Polkadot ecosystem, Stateless.Money allows users to nominate it as a validator, contributing to the network’s scalability and security.

  • Kusama: Known for its early-stage experimental development, Kusama benefits from Stateless.Money’s robust validation services, ensuring that new projects can test and deploy with confidence.

  • Elrond: Stateless.Money supports Elrond by providing staking services that help the network achieve high throughput and fast transaction speeds.

  • Tezos: By operating as a validator for Tezos, Stateless.Money aids in the network’s governance and operational efficiency, furthering the adoption and utility of Tezos blockchain technology.


Stateless.Money stands out as a pivotal player in the blockchain ecosystem, offering specialized staking services that promote network decentralization and performance. By focusing on the operation of validation software and providing accessible staking solutions, Stateless.Money not only supports individual investors but also contributes to the overall health and security of major blockchain networks. As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Stateless.Money remains committed to its mission of fostering decentralized, efficient, and resilient blockchain environments.

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