Staking4All offers secure, user-friendly staking on multiple PoS blockchains. Earn rewards effortlessly with non-custodial services.

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Staking4All is transforming the landscape of cryptocurrency investment by making staking accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. Staking, a fundamental component of modern Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, involves validators who create, propose, or vote on blocks to be added to the blockchain. These validators must operate secure hardware that is online 24/7, a task that many investors do not have the time or resources to manage. Staking4All simplifies this process by running validators on behalf of investors, allowing them to stake their tokens and receive reliable returns without the hassle.

What is Staking?

Staking is a mechanism used by PoS blockchains to secure the network. Validators in these networks are responsible for creating, proposing, or voting on blocks that are added to the blockchain. This process requires validators to maintain secure and continuously operational hardware. However, for many investors, managing such hardware is not feasible. Staking4All addresses this challenge by running validators that investors can stake with, ensuring they receive consistent returns without the complexities of running the hardware themselves.

About Staking4All

Staking4All is a trusted provider of non-custodial staking services for PoS blockchains. The team has extensive experience in running full nodes, validator nodes, and RPC nodes, dating back to 2018. This deep technical knowledge ensures that the validators are both secure and reliable. Staking4All emphasizes security and user control, adhering to the principle of “not your keys, not your crypto,” meaning that users’ assets remain under their control at all times.

Staking4All offers a range of staking options across multiple blockchains, including leading ecosystems such as Polygon, Polkadot, Near, Harmony One, and more. The non-custodial delegation service makes it simple for anyone to participate in PoS consensus, earn rewards, and be part of the future of decentralized finance. The company’s goal is to make staking accessible to everyone, providing a user-friendly, secure, and reliable staking experience.

Staking4All Supported Networks

Staking4All operates validators on several robust and secure networks. The current supported networks include:

  • Polygon
  • Polkadot
  • Kusama
  • Near
  • Harmony
  • Celestia
  • Eigen Layer
  • Kilt
  • Marlin
  • Moonriver
  • AssetMantle
  • Bifrost
  • Aura Network
  • Forta
  • Reef
  • StaFi
  • Dymension
  • Persistence
  • Celer
  • Map Protocol
  • Blast
  • Seda
  • MultiversX
  • Klever
  • Velas
  • Mars Protocol
  • Q
  • Dock
  • Iotex
  • BitsCrunch
  • Cudos

In addition to these, Staking4All also helps secure the Umbrella, Altair, Composable, and Centrifuge networks, reinforcing their commitment to network security and reliability.

Staking4All Tools and Services

Staking4All has developed several innovative tools to support their staking operations and enhance user experience:

  1. Validator Bot: Launched in February 2020, this bot allows Harmony One Validators to monitor their nodes, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.
  2. Tipping Bot: Introduced in April 2020, this bot enables Telegram users to tip each other in ONE tokens and hold small amounts within the Telegram platform.
  3. HashBet Bot: Debuted in May 2020, this bot allows Telegram users to bet on the next hash on the Harmony network, adding an element of fun with entertaining gifs for bets.

Commitment to Network Security

Staking4All’s dedication to network security is demonstrated through their comprehensive approach to validating and staking across numerous networks. Their efforts ensure that these networks remain secure, reliable, and robust, providing peace of mind to investors who stake with them.

Join the Staking Revolution

Staking4All is committed to making staking accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background. By joining Staking4All, investors can enjoy the benefits of staking with minimal effort, secure in the knowledge that their assets are always under their control. The platform offers a secure, user-friendly, and reliable staking experience, allowing investors to grow their crypto portfolios effortlessly.

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