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Secure, reliable blockchain infrastructure and services by PureStake, specializing in Polkadot and Algorand networks. Trusted by developers worldwide.

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PureStake is a distinguished name in the blockchain infrastructure landscape, leveraging two decades of expertise in building robust networks and infrastructure. The company’s core values emphasize security and reliability above all, a philosophy that sometimes prioritizes these aspects over the introduction of new features. The team at PureStake comprises seasoned entrepreneurs with a successful track record in technology startups within the SaaS and cloud markets.

About PureStake

PureStake is committed to delivering premium infrastructure, APIs, and application development services. The company operates with a clear set of priorities: Security, Availability, and Features, in that order. This structured approach ensures that their services are secure, stable, and high-performing, catering to the needs of developers and enterprises seeking dependable infrastructure for their projects.

Fueling the Adoption of New Technologies

PureStake’s mission is to support the adoption and growth of new technologies by providing top-notch infrastructure and services. Their unwavering dedication to security and stability sometimes means that new features may be delayed, but this is a trade-off the company is willing to make to maintain the highest standards of service delivery.

Driving Principles

Since its inception, PureStake has been guided by a set of principles aimed at fostering trust and reliability:

  1. Security and Availability First: The company places utmost importance on the security and availability of its services, even if it means delaying new features.

  2. Transparent and Honest Interactions: PureStake values clear communication with both customers and the communities they serve.

  3. Acting in the Best Interest of the Network: The company’s business strategy is aligned with the long-term goals of the networks they support, ensuring sustainable and ethical growth.

The PureStake Team

The PureStake team brings extensive experience in managing global technology and infrastructure for some of the world’s fastest-growing companies. They have a rich background in handling data centers, networks, and as-a-service platforms, meeting stringent security and availability requirements. Their expertise has been instrumental in developing industry-leading development and DevOps practices for major cloud services platforms, mobile payments platforms, and applications globally.

PureStake’s Services

PureStake specializes in building cloud-based services and tools for proof-of-stake blockchain networks such as Algorand and Polkadot. Their service offerings include:

  1. Developer Tools & APIs: PureStake provides secure and easy access to blockchain networks through their API-as-a-Service offerings, enabling developers to connect to networks without maintaining node infrastructure.

  2. Infrastructure Services: The company hosts and manages blockchain nodes on behalf of clients, delivering a highly performant, reliable, and secure infrastructure-as-a-service platform.

  3. Software Development: PureStake collaborates with clients to develop dependable and user-friendly applications on top of blockchain networks.

In conclusion, PureStake stands out as a leader in blockchain infrastructure and services, driven by a commitment to security, reliability, and customer-centric principles. Their extensive experience and clear priorities ensure that they provide developers and enterprises with the robust infrastructure needed to advance and scale their projects.

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