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Protofire drives TVL and user adoption in DeFi and web3 through expert blockchain development and innovative marketing.

How Protofire is Catalyzing Growth in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Protofire DAO is a prominent entity in the blockchain realm, renowned for its commitment to propelling Total Value Locked (TVL) and user adoption for DeFi and web3 projects. By leveraging a blend of in-house and third-party components, Protofire optimizes costs while enhancing the quality of blockchain solutions. This strategic approach is designed to foster sustained growth through meticulous planning, seamless compatibility, and innovative marketing.

Empowering Blockchain Networks and DeFi Protocols

Protofire specializes in augmenting the capabilities of top-tier Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain networks, alongside pioneering DeFi protocols. The organization is dedicated to delivering measurable results that resonate with end users, ensuring that its contributions lead to tangible benefits within the blockchain ecosystem.

Protofire Blockchain Development Services

Protofire’s services are designed to transition clients from traditional development challenges to advanced, ready-to-implement solutions:

  • Development Teams: Instead of hiring, training, and managing developers, clients can access a team of experts ready to work.
  • Software Infrastructure: Complete backend and frontend development replaces the need for proprietary infrastructure.
  • Data Access: Oracle integration and subgraph development offer enhanced data accessibility.
  • Wallets: Transition from regular and web-only wallets to multisignature and mobile wallets.
  • DeFi Development: From smart contract challenges to comprehensive DeFi solutions like DEX, Bridge, Lending, Pools, and Swaps.
  • Market Experience: Protofire’s expertise extends to NFT marketplace development and thorough infrastructure audits.

Protofire Vision and Mission

Protofire’s mission is ambitious: reaching 1 billion users and achieving over $750 billion in TVL within the next decade. This goal includes developing a significant portion of the early code base for 50 major crypto economies. Protofire envisions establishing long-term partnerships with blockchain projects, acting as ambassadors for the community, and actively participating in the network through node operations and staking.

Comprehensive Expertise and Services

Protofire boasts a proven track record in delivering innovative blockchain solutions, covering all aspects of development including smart contracts, DeFi, oracle integrations, and subgraph development. The team’s wide-ranging expertise ensures that they can address and solve the most critical problems faced by DAOs and networks.

Comparative Advantage

Protofire stands out from other development shops through its:

  • Extensive Experience: Mastery over the entire blockchain development process.
  • Long-term Partnerships: Commitment to ongoing collaboration rather than short-term projects.
  • DAO Structure: Decentralized operational model.
  • Ecosystem Integration: Strong partnerships and experience with major networks in the blockchain ecosystem.

Protofire Notable Contributions and Projects

Protofire has been instrumental in numerous high-profile projects, particularly within the Gnosis ecosystem. Since 2019, the team has contributed to the development of the Gnosis Safe Wallet across web, desktop, and mobile platforms, delivered Safe Apps, and participated in creating the interface for the Gnosis Conditional Tokens framework. Additionally, Protofire has deployed Gnosis Safe across multiple networks and validated the Gnosis Chain and Beacon Chain.

Beyond Gnosis, Protofire’s portfolio includes:

  • CoW Protocol: Rebranding and developing the CowSwap DEX interface.
  • The Graph Network: Deploying subgraphs and supporting dApp onboarding.
  • Chainlink: Testing oracle integrations and developing external adapters.
  • Filecoin: Enhancing network growth and node infrastructure.
  • MakerDAO: Developing the Governance Analytics Dashboard.

Protofire Service Offering

Protofire’s comprehensive service offering includes:

  • Smart Contract Development: Covering Ethereum, Solana, and stablecoin development.
  • Decentralized Apps: Development of dApps, DEXes, NFTs, and UX/UI design.
  • Developer Tools: Creation of SDKs, APIs, and toolkits.
  • Integrations: Implementing trusted data feeds, indexing, and subgraphs.
  • DevOps: Managing node infrastructure and cloud automation.
  • Safe Deployment: Custom integrations and maintenance of Safe Apps.
  • TVL Solutions: Researching liquidity providers, conducting audits, and implementing insurance pools.


Protofire is a pivotal player in the blockchain ecosystem, driving innovation and growth through strategic planning, seamless integration, and a focus on long-term success. By offering a wide array of services and maintaining a strong commitment to the blockchain community, Protofire continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry.

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