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Project Liberty

Discover how Project Liberty is Empowering users with control over their data through decentralized social networking and open protocols.

Discover how Project Liberty is Pioneering the Future of a Decentralized Digital Ecosystem

In an era where data is the new currency, Project Liberty is charting a new course for the digital age. This transformative initiative, led by McCourt Global, seeks to establish an open, inclusive data economy that empowers individuals and places control back into the hands of citizens. At the heart of Project Liberty’s mission is the Decentralized Social Networking Protocol (DSNP), a groundbreaking approach that aims to revolutionize social media and digital interactions.

Project Liberty Reclaiming Social Networks

For decades, private companies have dominated social networks, creating walled gardens where data is harvested and monetized without user control. Project Liberty challenges this status quo by advocating for an open protocol that democratizes social media. By leveraging DSNP, the project aims to dismantle these corporate silos, allowing users to retain ownership of their social graphs and data. This paradigm shift is not just about incremental change; it’s about establishing an entirely new model where the web is open, inclusive, and people-centered.

Understanding DSNP

DSNP stands for Decentralized Social Networking Protocol, an open protocol envisioned as a standard for social media. Unlike traditional platforms controlled by singular entities, DSNP is a public good that anyone can build upon or utilize. This open protocol fosters interoperability and innovation, akin to the standardization seen in electrical grids, which ensure compatibility and ease of use.

Open Protocols and User Empowerment

An open protocol, by definition, is a set of rules that facilitates collaboration and interoperability. Unlike standards enforced by law, open protocols invite contributions from diverse stakeholders. DSNP exemplifies this by allowing users to migrate their social relationships and content across platforms seamlessly, eliminating the “walled garden” effect prevalent in today’s social media landscape.

Addressing Data Control and Privacy

One of the critical issues with current social media platforms is the lack of transparency and control over personal data. These platforms monetize user data, often without explicit consent or clarity on its usage. DSNP offers a solution by ensuring that users maintain control over their data, choosing how and when it is used. This approach not only enhances privacy but also restores trust in digital interactions.

The Social Graph Liberation

In conventional social media, the social graph – a web of user relationships – is locked within individual platforms. This confinement forces users to recreate their networks if they switch platforms, effectively trapping them. DSNP disrupts this model by enabling users to carry their social graphs across different applications, fostering freedom and choice in digital interactions.

Real-World Implementation and Future Prospects

The transition to a decentralized web may seem futuristic, but it is already underway. MeWe, a next-generation social network, has adopted DSNP over the Frequency blockchain, illustrating the protocol’s viability and benefits. This integration showcases how decentralized models can offer enhanced privacy, user control, and governance. Several other organizations are also collaborating with DSNP to introduce decentralized functionalities, ensuring a broader adoption in the near future.

Project Liberty’s Vision and Leadership

Project Liberty is not just a technological initiative but a movement towards a more equitable digital future. It is stewarded by the Project Liberty Institute and guided by experts in internet protocol and governance. The project’s advisory board, comprising leaders with extensive experience in technological innovation and community building, is committed to advancing DSNP both technically and in its governance.

Project Liberty’s Broader Goals

Founded by Frank McCourt, Project Liberty aims to reclaim digital autonomy for individuals, ensuring they have a voice and choice in how digital platforms operate. The initiative emphasizes creating a digital ecosystem that anticipates and safeguards young people’s safety, mental health, and rights. By developing open technical, business, and privacy standards, Project Liberty strives to offer an alternative to proprietary technologies controlled by singular entities.

Liberty Labs: The Technological Backbone

Labs, a crucial component of Project Liberty, spearheads the technological advancements needed to realize this vision. Labs focuses on empowering creators and users through innovative technologies like the Frequency blockchain and DSNP. The integration of these technologies promises a future where social networking is transparent, user-centric, and seamlessly integrated into the broader internet infrastructure.


Project Liberty represents a significant step towards a decentralized and democratic digital future. By advocating for open protocols and empowering individuals with control over their data, it challenges the current digital paradigm dominated by corporate interests. With DSNP at its core, Project Liberty is not just envisioning a better internet; it is actively building it. This transformative initiative promises to redefine how we connect, interact, and thrive in the digital age.

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