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Polkadot Blockchain Academy

The Polkadot Blockchain Academy, founded by Gavin Wood, offers classroom-based education on blockchain technology using Polkadot and Substrate. It is led by experts from the Polkadot ecosystem, Parity Technologies, and the Web3 Foundation.

What is the Polkadot Blockchain Academy?

Polkadot Blockchain Academy is a project of the Web3 Foundation structured to provide specialized hands-on training in blockchain technology focusing on Substrate and Polkadot. These are usually intensive training courses whereby one has an opportunity to be trained by some of the best developers in blockchain.

Usually, this is formatted in a modular manner and consists of a combination of theoretical and practical, including the coding sessions, the lectures, and the workshops. They may also work on projects that could lead to real contributions within the Polkadot ecosystem. Their mission is to provide capacity to attendees in order to be able to actively contribute to the development of blockchain technology and foster innovation within the Polkadot Network.

The initiative is part of a broader educational effort by Polkadot to grow the base of developers in its ecosystem and further enable those involved by giving them more comprehensive knowledge in how to develop on Substrate, including participation in Polkadot’s governance and parachain development.

Last time updated: 25 april, 2024.

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