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Polkadot Anti-Scam Team

Protecting Polkadot users from scams through education, proactive monitoring, and swift responses to fraud with Polkadot Anti-Scam Team.

What is the Polkadot Anti-Scam Team?

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, security is a paramount concern. Polkadot, known for its innovative ecosystem, has established the Polkadot Anti-Scam Team to enhance user safety. This team is committed to protecting the community from scams, fostering a safer environment for all participants.

Polkadot Anti-Scam Team Missions


The Polkadot Anti-Scam Team is dedicated to shielding the community from phishing scams. By actively monitoring websites and social media platforms, the team identifies and neutralizes phishing attempts. This proactive approach helps prevent potential threats before they can cause harm, safeguarding users’ sensitive information and maintaining the integrity of the Polkadot network.

Anti-Scam Education

Education plays a crucial role in combating scams. The Anti-Scam Team provides comprehensive educational resources, including infographics, online guides, and videos. These materials aim to raise awareness about the characteristics of phishing scams, such as suspicious email addresses and requests for personal information. By educating the community, Polkadot helps users recognize and avoid scams, enhancing their overall security.

Reactive Activities

Despite proactive measures, scams can still occur. The Anti-Scam Team’s reactive track investigates and responds to scam incidents within the Polkadot ecosystem. Their primary goal is to assist users who have lost funds to fraudulent activities. By identifying malicious actors and collaborating with entities like Merkel Science, the team aims to prevent further scams and recover lost assets.


Outreach is a critical component of the Anti-Scam Team’s efforts. This track works closely with the educational team to spread awareness about different types of scams and protective measures. By collaborating with other organizations, the outreach team amplifies its message, reaching a wider audience and fostering a well-informed community. Through strategic partnerships, they aim to cultivate a culture of vigilance and resilience against fraud.

Polkadot Anti-Scam Collective

The Polkadot Anti-Scam Collective is a planned on-chain, ranked-membership organization dedicated to maintaining the ecosystem’s safety. Through collective efforts, members work to identify and mitigate scams. This initiative’s repository outlines its goals, value proposition, membership structure, and rules for induction and promotion.

Polkadot Anti-Scam Bounty

Purpose of the Bounty

Scams are a pervasive issue in the blockchain industry. The Polkadot Anti-Scam Bounty aims to incentivize the community to actively combat scams and protect users. This proposal seeks to create a holistic solution by addressing multiple aspects of scam prevention, including raising awareness and educating users. The bounty, distributed through child bounties, encourages community participation in anti-scam efforts.

Implementation and Evolution

The child bounties will be rolled out gradually, with detailed parameters defined before each launch. This evolving process will adapt based on community feedback and experience. The initiative’s main goals are to move operations on-chain, be community-driven, and provide comprehensive anti-scam coverage across the Polkadot ecosystem.

Polkadot Anti-Scam Tracks


The proactive track is at the forefront of the Anti-Scam Team’s mission. By continuously monitoring digital platforms, the team identifies and thwarts phishing attempts before they can inflict harm. This vigilant approach ensures the protection of users’ sensitive information and upholds the network’s integrity.


Empowering users with knowledge is key to scam prevention. The Anti-Scam Team offers a variety of educational resources to enhance scam detection skills. These materials help individuals recognize common phishing indicators, such as suspicious emails, thereby bolstering their defenses against fraudulent activities.


The reactive track plays a crucial role in responding to scam incidents. By investigating reported scams and assisting victims in recovering lost funds, the team mitigates the impact of fraudulent activities. Their efforts are focused on identifying malicious actors and protecting the community from further harm.


Collaboration and outreach are integral to the Anti-Scam Team’s strategy. By partnering with other organizations and leveraging collective resources, the team amplifies its educational initiatives. This collaborative approach fosters a culture of vigilance, enhancing the community’s ability to protect itself against scams.

Stay Connected with the Polkadot Anti-Scam Team

Updates on the initiatives and efforts of the Polkadot Anti-Scam Team are available on their profile on X (formerly Twitter) and their YouTube channel. These platforms offer valuable guides and updates, helping users stay informed and protected against scams. The Polkadot community is committed to creating a safer environment for all.

Through these comprehensive measures, the Polkadot Anti-Scam Team aims to safeguard the community, ensuring a secure and trustworthy ecosystem for everyone involved.

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