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Polkachu: Leading blockchain validator and infrastructure provider across 105+ networks, trusted with $313M in staked assets.

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Polkachu stands as a pivotal figure in the realm of blockchain validation, boasting a comprehensive suite of services and infrastructure that supports over 105 distinct blockchain networks. Founded by a group of seasoned technology professionals, Polkachu is driven by a vision of a decentralized future, dedicating its efforts to maintaining robust infrastructure and delivering top-tier validation services across various proof-of-stake (PoS) and Tendermint-based blockchains.

Polkachu Validation Services

Polkachu operates validators on a wide array of PoS blockchains, focusing notably on Tendermint-based networks such as Cosmos, Polkadot, and Kusama. The company manages significant stakes, with delegators entrusting a total of $313 million in crypto assets across these platforms. This trust is a testament to Polkachu’s reliability and commitment to maintaining secure and efficient validator operations.

Polkachu Node Infrastructure Products

Beyond validation, Polkachu serves as a pivotal infrastructure provider, particularly within the Cosmos Ecosystem. Their offerings include state-of-the-art tools like:

  • State-Sync Servers and Guides: Simplifying node synchronization across 69 chains.
  • Node Snapshots: Facilitating quick node setups with frequent state-sync updates for 73 chains.
  • Public RPC, API, and gRPC Endpoints: Providing essential connectivity tools for developers across 73 chains.
  • Miscellaneous Support Tools: A range of additional resources including live peers, seed nodes, and deployment guides tailored for 72 chains.

These tools not only streamline operations for node operators but also enhance the overall resilience and efficiency of blockchain networks supported by Polkachu.

Polkachu IBC Relaying

Polkachu actively supports interoperability within the blockchain space through its operation of IBC relayers. Currently managing 38 relayer hubs and 450 IBC channels, Polkachu facilitates seamless communication and transaction flow across numerous networks within the Cosmos ecosystem.

On-Chain Governance and Contributions

In addition to its operational role, Polkachu engages deeply in on-chain governance across various platforms, ensuring transparency and community participation. The company publishes all on-chain votes, underscoring its commitment to democratic decision-making within blockchain communities. Furthermore, Polkachu contributes extensively to open-source initiatives, sharing deployment scripts and community tools that empower validators and delegators alike.


Polkachu emerges as a cornerstone in blockchain validation and infrastructure provision, leveraging its expertise across a vast network of blockchain ecosystems. With a steadfast commitment to security, reliability, and community engagement, Polkachu continues to shape the decentralized landscape, offering indispensable support to blockchain networks worldwide.

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