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P2P Validator offers secure institutional staking and RPC node services for top PoS blockchains, managing $1.5B+ assets. Reliable and innovative.

P2P Validator Leading Institutional Staking and RPC Node Provider

P2P Validator stands at the forefront of institutional staking and RPC node provision, offering secure and non-custodial staking services tailored for professional investors. By simplifying the staking process for token holders, P2P enables participation in staking without the need to manage or run a node independently. This ease of access has positioned P2P as a preferred partner for many in the blockchain ecosystem.

P2P Validator Staking Services

P2P Validator supports staking services across a variety of popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains, including Ethereum (ETH), Polkadot (DOT), Solana (SOL), Cosmos (ATOM), Tezos (XTZ), and Cardano (ADA), among others. With an impressive portfolio managing over $1.5 billion in staked assets across more than 25,000 investors and over 25 unique blockchain networks, P2P has proven its capability in the staking domain.

P2P Validator Key Features and Infrastructure

P2P’s staking services are underpinned by robust infrastructure, boasting an average uptime of 99%, ensuring reliability and trust for its users. The platform provides 24/7 account monitoring and support, reinforcing its commitment to client satisfaction and security. Users can stake directly through P2P’s decentralized application (dApp) or integrate staking capabilities via P2P’s staking API, offering flexibility to suit different user needs.

Looking ahead, P2P plans to introduce support for Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) staking and EigenLayer restaking, further expanding its service offerings and staying at the cutting edge of staking technology.

P2P Validator Enterprise-Grade Solutions

For institutional clients, P2P delivers enterprise-grade staking solutions across popular blockchain networks. These solutions can be accessed via wallet connect or API, allowing seamless integration into existing financial infrastructures. Additionally, P2P provides real-time blockchain data through its Staking Data API and dashboards, ensuring transparency and up-to-date information for stakeholders.

P2P Validator Developer Opportunities and Community Engagement

Developers benefit from P2P’s services through new revenue opportunities, either by staking funds directly or by integrating P2P’s secure API and white-label staking solutions into their products. P2P actively supports the Web3 community by helping scale networks and integrate diverse services, demonstrating its commitment to the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Polkadot Staking with P2P Validator

Polkadot (DOT) exemplifies P2P’s comprehensive staking services. Polkadot employs a Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NoS) mechanism, which selects validators to participate in its consensus protocol. P2P offers an attractive annual percentage rate (APR) of 19% for Polkadot staking, with rewards distributed daily. The minimum staking amount is 40 DOT, and there is an unbonding period of 28 days.

P2P’s fee for Polkadot staking is 4.5%, and the platform assures an automated compounding of rewards, enhancing the potential returns for stakers. Despite the slashing risks inherent in staking, P2P’s history shows no slashing events since its inception, underscoring its reliability as a validator.

P2P Validator Client Support and Community Tools

P2P provides extensive support for its clients, including 24/7 customer service, dedicated product managers, and personalized staking offers. The platform’s unique rebalancing service generates higher rewards, while customized dashboards provide transparency in staking performance.

P2P’s active role in the ecosystem includes validator monitoring services and participation in hackathons, contributing to the continuous development of blockchain networks like Polkadot. This engagement demonstrates P2P’s dedication not only to its clients but also to the advancement of the blockchain technology sector.


P2P Validator’s comprehensive, secure, and user-centric staking services position it as a leader in the institutional staking landscape. By supporting a wide range of PoS blockchains and offering robust infrastructure and enterprise-grade solutions, P2P continues to facilitate significant growth and engagement within the blockchain ecosystem. As the platform evolves, its commitment to innovation and community support remains unwavering, making P2P a trusted partner for institutional investors and developers alike.

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