OpsLayer offers expert infrastructure, software development, and finance operations for secure, reliable Web3 networks. Trusted by Moonbeam.

OpsLayer Powering the Future of Web3 Networks with Expert Infrastructure Management

OpsLayer, a leader in infrastructure management, software development, and finance operation services, has carved a niche in the Web3 ecosystem. Renowned for their flawless execution, secure and stable infrastructure, and a highly distributed global team, OpsLayer has become a trusted partner for several prominent blockchain networks.

A Proven Track Record of Success

OpsLayer has been instrumental in the successful launch and ongoing reliability of blockchain networks such as Moonbeam, Moonriver, and Algorand. Their team’s decades of experience in managing high-availability nodes and networks, coupled with their expertise in developing user-friendly Web3 applications, have earned them high praise from clients and industry leaders alike.

Aaron Evans, Director of the Moonbeam Foundation, notes, “The OpsLayer team members have been our trusted resources for infrastructure and software development since the beginning of the Moonbeam project. You’d be hard-pressed to find a team more capable and dedicated.” Similarly, Derek Yoo, CEO of Moonsong Labs and Founder of Moonbeam, highlights their unmatched professionalism and approach, which have been pivotal to Moonbeam and Moonriver’s success.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Client Needs

OpsLayer offers a broad spectrum of services designed to support Web3 networks at every stage of development. Their core services include:

Infrastructure Management

With decades of experience, OpsLayer specializes in securely managing high-availability nodes and networks. They provide a variety of infrastructure-as-a-service offerings, including dedicated, fully-managed, multi-region validator and RPC node infrastructure, VPC network security, and ongoing third-party vulnerability scanning. Their network-centric, multi-cloud, multi-vendor approach ensures the highest levels of redundancy and availability, crucial for protecting against failures.

Application Development

OpsLayer’s full-stack engineers design and implement user-friendly Web3 applications. From staking applications and crowdloan interfaces to wallets and block explorers, they ensure that applications are polished, easy to navigate, and deployed according to client requirements and timelines. Their expertise in React-based Web3 front ends helps surface key functionalities, providing users with accessible ways to engage with decentralized functionalities.

Business and Finance Operations

OpsLayer’s business and finance operations services allow early-stage tech companies to focus on their primary business objectives. They offer comprehensive support in finance and accounting, HR administration, and financial modeling. Their services include bookkeeping, payroll administration, benefits administration, and financial statement preparation, ensuring that clients can concentrate on building their technologies while OpsLayer manages operational complexities.

A Global Presence with Local Expertise

OpsLayer’s highly distributed team operates across multiple regional points of presence worldwide, providing low-latency access and high performance. Their deep expertise in building high-quality cloud-based services and applications on solid Web3 infrastructure positions them as a reliable partner for projects of any size and stage of development.

Client Testimonials Highlight Exceptional Performance

Clients consistently praise OpsLayer for their skill, professionalism, and reliability. Steve Kokinos, Former CEO of Algorand, emphasizes the significant value OpsLayer adds to Algorand’s day-to-day operations, highlighting their role as diligent community members and core components of the network’s success.


OpsLayer stands out in the Web3 ecosystem for their dedication to providing secure, stable infrastructure and expertly managed services. Their tailored solutions, extensive experience, and global presence make them an invaluable partner for blockchain networks looking to bring their technologies to market and ensure ongoing reliability. As Web3 continues to evolve, OpsLayer’s commitment to operational perfection positions them at the forefront of infrastructure management and development in the decentralized future.

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