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OpenGuild Labs

OpenGuild Lab is: a Polkadot-focused community offering in-depth educational resources and support for Web3 developers in Southeast Asia.

OpenGuild Lab: Polkadot Resources for Web3 Developers in Southeast Asia

OpenGuild Labs is a community-centric initiative designed to support developers in their journey through the Polkadot ecosystem. Established by experienced Web3 builders, OpenGuild Labs aims to provide a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Polkadot blockchain technology, emphasizing a low-level approach to its educational resources.

OpenGuild Labs Core Team and Leadership

OpenGuild Labs is spearheaded by a team of seasoned professionals with significant achievements in the blockchain and technology sectors. Key members include:

  • Tin Chung, who serves as the Developer Relations for Polkadot SEA. Tin brings a wealth of experience as the Co-Founder of Amazely, an AI growth platform for businesses, and Snowflake Network, an on-chain automation platform on Solana. His accolades include winning the International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) and being a top project winner at the Chainlink Spring Hackathon 2021.

  • Cris Nguyen, the Growth Advisor for Polkadot SEA, contributes his expertise as a Co-Founder and Project Manager at Polkadot Insider and as a Business Development Manager at Moonbeam Network. He is also a Polkadot Ambassador and a core contributor to the Polkadot SEA community.

Contributors to OpenGuild Labs also include individuals like Nhan Duc Nguyen, a software engineer at Autify and SRE at Classi Inc., and Tung Dang, a project builder at Pixelland.

OpenGuild Labs Community Structure and Membership

OpenGuild Labs is built on the principles of inclusivity and collaboration, welcoming all Web3 builders to join and contribute. The community operates under a structured ranking system designed to incentivize and recognize member contributions. Members can advance through various ranks, such as Nomad, Member, LowLeveler, and Elder, each offering specific benefits and privileges.

  • Experience Points (XP): XP is the official unit used to measure member contributions within the community. Members can earn XP by participating in activities, completing quests, and engaging in community-driven projects.

  • Ranking System: The ranking system tracks member contributions and assigns ranks accordingly. Higher ranks provide access to exclusive benefits, including community merchandise, NFTs, and participation in specialized courses, events, and workshops.

OpenGuild Labs Community Activities and Contributions

OpenGuild Labs offers a range of activities and resources to support its members. These include:

  • Open-source Projects: Members have access to open-source projects developed by contributors in the OpenGuild Labs. These projects are hosted on the OpenGuild Labs GitHub, fostering collaboration and innovation.

  • Educational Resources: The community provides access to courses, workshops, and events focused on the Polkadot ecosystem and Rust programming language. These resources are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of developers at all levels.

  • Recognition and Rewards: Members receive Proof of Contribution (POC) and Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) NFTs, acknowledging their participation and contributions to the community.

Joining OpenGuild Labs

To become a member of OpenGuild Labs, individuals are encouraged to start by reading the Community Guidelines. These guidelines outline the community’s values, structure, and how to convert contributions into tangible value. Interested individuals can then explore the Ranking System, Community Activities, and Quests for Bounty & XP farming to learn more about how to get involved.

OpenGuild Labs aims to unify Web3 builders, creating a supportive and collaborative environment for learning and growth within the Polkadot ecosystem. By providing curated, in-depth materials and fostering a strong sense of community, OpenGuild Labs is poised to become a vital resource for developers seeking to excel in blockchain technology.

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