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Neurolanche Labs

Neurolanche X Labs: Innovating with blockchain and AI for practical applications in health, education, and beyond. Explore Firolauss AI.

Neurolanche X Labs Innovating Blockchain and AI for the Future of Health and Education

Neurolanche X Labs is a forward-thinking organization that leverages blockchain technologies to create impactful applications in health, education, and beyond. Here’s a summary of their key projects and initiatives:

Firolauss AI

Firolauss is the pioneering AI project by Neurolanche X Labs, designed to emulate human behavior and emotions. Utilizing OpenAI and built on the Astar Foundation and Phala Network, Firolauss aims to revolutionize digital interactions by creating AI characters that can serve as personal assistants, educators, and companions. Key features include:

  • Human-like emotional responses through advanced AI.
  • Customization of AI characters with distinct personality traits.
  • Integration into metaverse and GameFi projects to enhance user engagement.


ZkStrike is a cutting-edge multiplayer FPS game that merges the immediacy of Web2 with the innovations of Web3. Built with account abstraction, this game provides:

  • Seamless user experience leveraging blockchain.
  • Integration of NFTs and GameFi for a streamlined in-game economy.
  • Future updates including new game modes and staking features.


The NEROX token is central to the Neurolanche ecosystem, facilitating transactions and interactions across various projects. Its functionalities include:

  • Staking rewards for NFT holders and players in zkStrike.
  • Utility in Firolauss for accessing AI NPCs and digital assistants.
  • Burning mechanisms to control supply and enhance token value.

Neuroverse and Neuroterheum

These projects focus on creating a VR-based metaverse that addresses real-world needs in healthcare and education. Neuroverse aims to:

  • Provide virtual labs to reduce costs and increase accessibility.
  • Transform education through VR classrooms and digital teachers.
  • Revitalize NFT projects within a multi-chain metaverse framework.

Neurolanche Labs Roadmap and Development

Neurolanche X Labs has a structured roadmap to release and update their projects. Upcoming milestones include:

  • March 2024: Launch of the Firolauss testnet and the first version of NEROX Tokenomics.
  • April 2024: Release of zkStrike mobile and Firolauss Beta.
  • May 2024: Private and public sales of NEROX tokens, followed by updates.
  • June 2024: ZkStrike V2 launch, NEROX airdrop, and listing on exchanges.

Neurolanche Team and Vision

The team at Neurolanche X Labs comprises highly educated individuals with strong academic backgrounds actively engaged in research and development. Their vision is to:

  • Make blockchain accessible to Web2 users through practical dApps.
  • Utilize scientific research to develop applications that benefit humanity in health, education, and beyond.

Neurolanche X Labs is committed to driving the future of Web3 and AI technologies, making them practical and accessible for everyday use. Their innovative projects and strategic roadmap position them as leaders in the blockchain and AI sectors.

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