Department of Decentralization

Department of Decentralization

Empowering communities through decentralization advocacy, the Department of Decentralization promotes innovative decentralized technologies.

The Department of Decentralization Advocating for Distributed Authority and Empowering Communities

The Department of Decentralization (DoD) is a dynamic non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting the decentralization of power and distributing authority across different levels of government and society. Established in 2018, this Berlin-based collective emerged from various crypto, decentralization, and peer-to-peer communities. The DoD’s mission is to advocate for policies and initiatives that empower local communities, reduce the concentration of power, and foster greater individual and collective autonomy.

Department of Decentralization Mission and Vision

At its core, the Department of Decentralization aims to be an agnostic vehicle driving the adoption of decentralized technologies, educating newcomers, and raising awareness of both the challenges and benefits associated with decentralization and open-source software. The organization champions the idea that decentralization is crucial for creating more resilient, equitable, and autonomous communities.

Department of Decentralization Key Initiatives and Projects

Since its inception, the DoD has been at the forefront of several significant initiatives and projects, each designed to promote the principles of decentralization:

  1. ETHBerlin Events: The DoD has organized multiple editions of the ETHBerlin hackathon, a pioneering event that merges hackathons, conferences, and cultural festivals. The events in 2018, 2019 (ETHBerlin ZWEI), and 2022 (ETHBerlin³) have been pivotal in fostering innovation and collaboration within the Ethereum community.

  2. Protocol Berg (2023): This conference focused on decentralized protocols and infrastructure, providing a platform for discussions and advancements in decentralized technology.

  3. StrikeDAO (2022): A unique initiative where the Ethereum domain of Bundeskunsthalle was squatted by artist Hito Steyerl and the DoD. The StrikeDAO used quadratic voting to decide the future governance of this domain, showcasing innovative governance models.

  4. Goerli Testnet and GörliCon 0 (2019): The Goerli Testnet, launched at GörliCon, has become a crucial public-facing Ethereum testnet, illustrating the DoD’s commitment to supporting essential infrastructure for the Ethereum ecosystem.

  5. Educational Programs: The Blockstars Education Program (2019), in partnership with B9lab, aimed at onboarding new hackers to the web3 space, demonstrating the DoD’s dedication to education and community building.

  6. Art and Culture Integration: The DoD has also explored the intersection of art and decentralized systems, as seen in the study “There is no such thing as Blockchain Art” (2019).

Department of Decentralization  Community and Values

The Department of Decentralization prides itself on being an inclusive and welcoming community. It actively promotes diversity, ensuring that members are judged by their actions and contributions rather than their background or personal characteristics. The DoD enforces a strict policy against harmful or discriminatory behavior, maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all participants.

The organization’s core values emphasize openness, respect, and daring creativity. Members are encouraged to be open-minded, respectful of others’ work and perspectives, and daring in their endeavors to create innovative solutions and projects. The community fosters a culture of personal responsibility, where each member is accountable for their own tasks while also supporting one another.

Department of Decentralization  Future Directions

Looking ahead, the Department of Decentralization continues to expand its influence and impact. With upcoming events like ETHBerlin 2024 and ongoing collaborations with other decentralization-focused groups, the DoD remains committed to advocating for decentralized governance and empowering local communities. By promoting decentralization, the DoD aims to build a more equitable and autonomous future for all.

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