Secure Polkadot staking with DecentraDOT’s high-quality validators, offering top-notch security and performance from in-house hardware.

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DecentraDOT provides high-quality Polkadot validators based in the Netherlands, has emerged as a key player in this space. By leveraging their own in-house hardware, DecentraDOT ensures top-notch security and performance, making them a reliable and community-driven choice for Polkadot staking.

Reliable and Secure Staking Solutions

DecentraDOT offers a compelling proposition for those looking to participate in Polkadot staking. Their edge lies in the exclusive use of their own hardware, which not only enhances security but also guarantees optimal performance. This setup is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the Polkadot network, providing peace of mind to those who stake their tokens with DecentraDOT.

Staking with DecentraDOT offers attractive returns. With a current staking rate of 16.18%, users can expect daily rewards of 0.89 DOT (approximately $5.65), monthly rewards of 27.48 DOT ($175.07), and yearly rewards of 323.60 DOT ($2061.33) for every 2,000 DOT staked. These figures underscore the potential profitability of staking with DecentraDOT, while also contributing to the security and decentralization of the Polkadot network.

Extensive Validator Network

DecentraDOT boasts an extensive validator network that powers both Polkadot and Kusama, with over $140 million in assets staked. Their validator list includes several Polkadot validators, each with a low 1% commission rate:

  • Polkadot /01 🦬 BISON: 15wznkm7fMaJLFaw7B8KrJWkNcWsDziyTKVjrpPhRLMyXsr5
  • Polkadot /02 🦖 T-REX: 12QTG1GrqFtS6AJWw4NwHDXgbhPyjyT6BfJK5qAGedkvnrpQ
  • Polkadot /03 🐲 DRAGON: 12ZKgiVzygpYvvVR3hXMDysNTmX4GLzMqtGrZY3rmwLcCdiT
  • Polkadot /04 🐔 CHICKEN: 15XtoWwkanySeWKduwoLGjJPCXTRdCDMfa5UKF2KvG7wmekj
  • Polkadot /05 🐊 ALLIGATOR: 133NkGSCzjzGTb2oepvrsWQLvD3E4sAZj6VR9B1eNiE6V26i

Additionally, DecentraDOT provides validators for the Kusama network, each with a 10% commission rate:

  • Kusama /01 🦣 MAMMOTH: GRSWBC1kCuNVp8KTgGyK7Bo3bP7CdLDPwfnx2L5JJLQ41Qj
  • Kusama /02 🐻 BEAR: Em4HYqVrWX3uCvrC8NWoabfKpV9z8stdRKkXYXcZdWGxdXT
  • Kusama /03 🐏 RAM: HqF6t7B84v2XTbAC4VZmjsyQhvRUJrcCdUPAYVCpYru32SU

This robust network highlights DecentraDOT’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient staking solutions across multiple blockchain platforms.

Easy Staking and Community Involvement

Joining DecentraDOT for staking is straightforward. Users can nominate their tokens via the platform by navigating to Network > Staking > Accounts, and searching for ‘decentradot’ to select validators. Alternatively, they can join the staking pool via the Polkadot Dashboard by searching for the DecentraDOT pool and specifying the amount of DOT to stake.

A Family-Run Enterprise with Deep Expertise

DecentraDOT was launched in late 2021 by father and son team, Arthur and Johan Hoeke. Their deep expertise and commitment to the blockchain space have driven DecentraDOT’s success. Arthur Hoeke, the Co-Founder & CEO, is a seasoned full-stack software developer with a robust background in web development and blockchain technology. His technical acumen ensures the secure and efficient architecture of DecentraDOT’s systems.

Johan Hoeke, the Co-Founder & CTO, brings over two decades of experience as a Unix SysAdmin, with specialization in system administration, network architecture, and high availability solutions. His Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) credentials highlight his proficiency in managing complex systems and ensuring their reliability.


DecentraDOT stands out as a reliable and secure choice for Polkadot staking. Their commitment to using in-house hardware, coupled with their extensive validator network and attractive staking rewards, makes them a preferred partner for securing the Polkadot network. As a family-run business with deep technical expertise, DecentraDOT continues to play a pivotal role in the blockchain ecosystem, contributing to the security and decentralization of Polkadot and Kusama networks.

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