Experts in web3, crypto, and finance offering R&D, analytics, and engineering services. Trusted validators across multiple platforms.

Crifferent - Your Partner in Web3, Crypto, and Future Technologies

Crifferent is a cutting-edge company specializing in future technologies, software development, web3, crypto, and finance. With over ten years of experience, Crifferent positions itself as a reliable partner for research and evaluation in these domains. The company not only pursues its own R&D campaigns but also offers research, analytics, and engineering services to clients.

Crifferent Key Services and Expertise:

  • Research and Development: Conducting innovative R&D campaigns to advance technology in web3 and crypto.
  • Client Services: Offering tailored research, analytics, and engineering services for various projects.
  • Validation Services: Engaging in community and network activities, Crifferent operates as a validator on multiple platforms.

Crifferent Validator Operations:

Crifferent runs validators on several prominent blockchain networks, including:

  • Polkadot: 15wepZh1jWNqxBjsgErm8HmYiE21n79c5krQJeTsYAjHddeM
  • Kusama: HWyLYmpW68JGJYoVJcot6JQ1CJbtUQeTdxfY1kUTsvGCB1r
  • Moonbeam: 0x10023fA70Ed528E4F28915bf210f6e87b057c08E
  • Moonriver: 0x693aB260de2a31c1B5D7DC9cb253B87eD9b1f385
  • Astar: XSikFavQVVMY4AEXbpFPCd4cnv7XfMmcLvmPHZqmzHfpcEj
  • Centrifuge: 4e7Zq4GiS71uKaNeqhfHKwxEQ9MBCQSPQv9knapyh9JhsY54
  • Robonomics: 4GSikYa6478CV5M34JNsRJtRQBnZHMRumoYs6W9XmCwY7H59
  • Kilt: 4o4you8yaa76ztWB1yMekSNUTUujWLBQcfaxszJebuDhbAYj
  • HydraDX – HydraSik: 7NzHitwWA5UidhXiNJSTipSwbXgDfikKefdY9kB69sBJxPS7
  • HydraDX – HydraCJ: 7JErgFE8wJazMqSdCja9LQqHx8npBMGZUNxPtZeFQUWhhsnE
  • Polkadex: esmYmhtQkYcZ2JyEa4AWfkKWN4sUBKzBC8YELS1515nqCia7K


Crifferent’s team comprises professionals with diverse expertise in research, software architecture, finance, and business advisory, including:

  • Simon Kraus (dev0_sik): Specialist in Web3, Development, Crypto, and Server management.
  • CJ Wolff: Finance expert.
  • John Locke: Business Advisor.

Community and Commitment:

Crifferent is dedicated to full community engagement and commitment, operating with the ethos of achieving success through expertise and innovative solutions. The company is also part of the DOT Validator Alliance, reinforcing its role in the blockchain community.

Web3 related projects:

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