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ChainSafe is leading blockchain R&D firm specializing in multi-chain solutions, web3 gaming, and decentralized storage for a robust web3 ecosystem.

ChainSafe is Powering the Decentralized Web with Multi-Chain Research and Development

ChainSafe Systems stands out as one of the premier multi-chain research and development firms dedicated to supporting the decentralized web. Through its high-impact contributions to leading protocols, ChainSafe has established itself as a pivotal player in the blockchain ecosystem. The company’s expertise spans node implementations, smart contract engineering, distributed systems research, blockchain applications, tools, audits, and more, all of which are rooted in its commitment to openness and community orientation.

ChainSafe Founding and Evolution

ChainSafe’s journey began in 2017 when its founders met at an Ethereum Developers Meetup in Toronto. This initial meeting laid the groundwork for what would become a significant force in blockchain R&D. By 2018, ChainSafe had joined the Alpha Start-up Initiative at Web Summit in Lisbon, signaling its entry into the broader blockchain community.

In 2019, ChainSafe took a step towards education by creating a curriculum for an Ethereum Developer course at York University. This move underscored the firm’s dedication to fostering new talent and spreading blockchain knowledge. The following year marked the beginning of ChainSafe’s consulting, auditing, and node implementation services for external clients, solidifying its reputation as a trusted service provider.

ChainSafe Core Values and Mission

ChainSafe operates on a foundation of core values that include openness, respect, and candor. The firm believes in welcoming differing ideas and practicing transparency in all communications. This ethos is critical to ChainSafe’s mission of empowering developers with blockchain-agnostic tools and building decentralized systems.

The company’s mission is clear: to enable the world’s systems to run on decentralized infrastructure. ChainSafe’s multi-chain perspective allows it to leverage blockchain engineering expertise that spans timezones, cultures, use cases, and protocols, thus powering the decentralized web.

ChainSafe Products and Services

ChainSafe offers a suite of game-changing products designed to accelerate the adoption of web3 infrastructure. Its product lineup includes:

  1. Gaming: ChainSafe provides an end-to-end solution for web3 gaming, including the creation of in-game marketplaces and NFT minters. This comprehensive offering simplifies the development of web3 games, enabling developers to elevate their gaming experiences.

  2. Storage: ChainSafe’s stack interacts with the Filecoin network, allowing users to add decentralized storage to their applications with ease. This modular product enhances data security and accessibility.

  3. Files: ChainSafe Files offers decentralized, end-to-end encryption for uploaded content. Data is encrypted in transit, at rest, and when stored with Filecoin network miners, ensuring robust security for users.

Client and Partner Testimonials

ChainSafe’s clients and partners, including notable names such as the Web3 Foundation, Palm NFT Studio, and Push, have consistently praised the firm for its reliability, engineering talent, and adaptability. Testimonials highlight ChainSafe’s ability to navigate ambiguity and deliver superior results, making it a valuable contributor to the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems.

For instance, the Web3 Foundation commends ChainSafe as a reliable implementer that continuously seeks to improve its performance and drive the growth of the web3 ecosystem. Palm NFT Studio has noted excellent results in projects ranging from smart contract audits to engineering solutions, emphasizing ChainSafe’s quality of work and flexibility. Similarly, Push (formerly EPNS) has recognized ChainSafe’s professional and supportive approach during critical protocol audits, which helped mitigate risks and uncover new opportunities.

ChainSafe Work Culture and Opportunities

ChainSafe’s commitment to openness and community extends to its work culture. The firm offers a collaborative and inclusive environment where team members can contribute to open-source technology for a better future. ChainSafe is backed by prominent investors such as Round13, NGC Ventures, Consensys, Hashkey Capital, and others, reflecting strong confidence in its vision and capabilities.


ChainSafe Systems is at the forefront of blockchain research and development, driven by a mission to support the decentralized web. Its multi-chain approach, commitment to openness, and extensive suite of products and services position it as a key player in the blockchain ecosystem. With a proven track record and a strong foundation of values, ChainSafe continues to shape the future of web3 infrastructure and decentralized systems.

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