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Boosty Labs

Leading blockchain development company, Boosty Labs offers expert out-staffing, IT outsourcing, and innovative solutions for decentralized technologies.

Boosty Labs is Leading the Way in Blockchain Development

Boosty Labs, established in late 2017, has quickly emerged as a prominent blockchain development company, leveraging a wealth of experience from founding multiple fintech startups. This experience, encompassing both successes and failures, has shaped the company’s approach and refined its expertise, making it a trusted partner for many in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

A Pioneering Start with Storj

Boosty Labs’ first major project was with Storj, one of the world’s largest decentralized cloud storage solutions. At that time, Boosty Labs was among the few teams globally with a deep understanding of decentralized cloud storage networks. Their successful collaboration with Storj laid the foundation for a scalable business model, focusing on providing comprehensive blockchain solutions and extending development teams for clients.

Boosty Labs Expanding the Model

The company’s business model revolves around out-staffing, team extension, and IT outsourcing, serving notable clients like ConsenSys, NEM, Affinidi Group, Bloom Protocol, and Onomy Protocol. Boosty Labs has also made significant contributions to the DeFi sector, notably with the DuckDAO project. This model has proven effective, enabling Boosty Labs to meet the diverse and specialized needs of their clients by quickly sourcing and integrating developers with rare and specialized skills.

Boosty Labs Service Offerings

Boosty Labs provides two primary engagement models:

  1. Out-Staffing and Team Extension: This is the most popular service, where clients specify their needs—whether for frontend developers, backend developers, or specialists in technologies like Go or UJS. Boosty Labs then sources candidates, usually providing initial results within five to six days and completing the search in two to three weeks. Unlike traditional recruitment firms, Boosty Labs does not charge for finding or hiring candidates but instead takes a small commission on the candidate’s salary.

  2. IT Outsourcing: Boosty Labs takes on the operational expenses, taxes, and equipment costs, providing clients with a monthly fee structure that is often more economical compared to hiring in markets like the USA, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. This model ensures that developers are dedicated to a single project, allowing them to immerse fully and become integral parts of the client’s team.

Integration and Culture

Integrating new employees into existing teams and corporate cultures is a critical aspect of Boosty Labs’ process. The company carefully selects candidates not only based on professional skills but also on their ability to adapt to the client’s culture. This focus on cultural fit ensures smooth transitions and successful long-term collaborations.

Boosty Labs Global Reach and Legal Framework

Registered in the US, Boosty Labs caters to clients worldwide, offering legal and operational convenience. This global reach is bolstered by the company’s ability to transfer teams from one high-profile project to another, ensuring that clients always have access to top-tier talent.

Commitment to Client Relationships

Maintaining strong client relationships is a cornerstone of Boosty Labs’ philosophy. The company prioritizes client satisfaction and respects existing client agreements, even when approached by competitors. This integrity and commitment to quality have made Boosty Labs a preferred partner in the blockchain industry.


Boosty Labs has established itself as a leading blockchain development company, known for its ability to provide specialized teams and innovative solutions in the blockchain and cryptocurrency domains. Their dedication to understanding client needs, coupled with a robust and flexible business model, positions them as a vital player in the evolving blockchain ecosystem. With a proven track record and a commitment to excellence, Boosty Labs continues to drive forward, helping shape the future of decentralized technologies.

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