Bloclick Staking

Bloclick Staking

Non-custodial, eco-friendly staking provider supporting multiple blockchains. Secure, easy staking with a focus on professionalism.

BloClick Staking Services Overview:

BloClick Staking is a non-custodial, eco-friendly staking service provider that prioritizes CO2-free operations. It aims to integrate blockchain technology into daily life with a focus on curiosity and professionalism. The platform supports staking across various blockchain networks, ensuring a secure and decentralized way for users to earn rewards.

BloClick Staking Key Features:

  1. Non-Custodial: Users retain control of their assets, reducing the risk associated with centralized platforms.
  2. CO2-Free Operations: Commitment to environmental sustainability through carbon-neutral operations.
  3. No Complications: User-friendly interface and processes for easy staking.
  4. Professionalism: Ensures reliable and professional service with a focus on security and performance.

BloClick Staking Supported Blockchains

BloClick Staking supports a variety of blockchains, including but not limited to:

  1. Mina Protocol: Validator with a 5% fee, contributing to social and technical aspects of the network.
  2. Desmos: Genesis validator supporting decentralized social networking.
  3. Moonriver & Moonbeam: Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachains on Kusama and Polkadot, respectively.
  4. Blast API: Web3 infrastructure provider offering RPC services for multiple networks.
  5. Gravity Bridge: Interoperable bridge between Ethereum and Cosmos ecosystems.
  6. Velas: AI-operated DPoS blockchain.
  7. Solana: High-performance blockchain for decentralized applications.
  8. Joystream: Decentralized video streaming platform.
  9. Regen Network: Market for climate solutions.
  10. Empowerchain: Blockchain for the circular economy.
  11. Decentralized machine learning platform.
  12. Stargaze: Protocol for decentralized social networking and NFTs.
  13. Polkadex: Decentralized orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange.
  14. Vega: Decentralized network for trading and derivatives.
  15. Umee Network: Blockchain for cross-chain communication and DeFi.
  16. OmniFlix: Platform for minting and managing media assets across multiple chains.
  17. AssetMantle: Platform for creating and trading NFTs.
  18. Pendulum & Amplitude: Networks for Forex operations on blockchain.
  19. OAK Network: Platform for trustless automation of transactions.
  20. Passage3D: Customizable 3D world for virtual interactions.
  21. Dymension: Platform for deploying app-chains called RollApps.
  22. Zeitgeist: Blockchain for prediction markets.
  23. Peaq Krest Network: Blockchain for real-world applications like mobility and energy.
  24. Qwoyn Network: Bridge between traditional gaming and Web3 ecosystem.

Future Prospects: BloClick Staking aims to continue expanding its services and blockchain support, contributing to the growth and decentralization of the blockchain ecosystem while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and user control.

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