bLd Nodes

bLd Nodes

bLd Nodes offers secure staking on Kusama, with a focus on reliability and low commissions in the Polkadot ecosystem.

bLd Nodes: A Reliable Validator in the Polkadot Ecosystem

bLd Nodes, a dedicated participant in the blockchain sphere since 2020, has recently launched its operational validator node for the Kusama Network, a pivotal platform within the Polkadot ecosystem. Committed to providing a robust and secure staking service, bLd Nodes aims to offer stakers a trustworthy avenue to engage with the decentralized web.

Founded by a group of seasoned blockchain enthusiasts with extensive experience in system administration and development dating back to Ethereum’s early days in 2015, bLd Nodes brings a wealth of technical expertise to the Polkadot community. Their journey into the Polkadot ecosystem marks a strategic expansion, driven by a belief in the revolutionary potential of the project.

bLd Nodes Validator Infrastructure and Commitment to Security

bLd Nodes prioritizes reliability and security in its validator operations. The team has diligently invested weeks in installing, securing, and monitoring their infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service. This meticulous preparation underscores their commitment to providing stakers with a dependable platform for staking on Kusama.

Currently, bLd Nodes operates with a modest 2% commission, which reflects their initial approach to incentivize early nominators with a competitive reward structure. Looking ahead, the team plans to adjust their commission target to 5%, remaining transparent about any future changes to ensure stakeholders are well-informed.

Why Kusama?

Positioned as Polkadot’s experimental counterpart, Kusama serves as a dynamic environment for early adopters and innovators within the blockchain space. Unlike a traditional testnet, Kusama operates as a live blockchain network, fostering innovation through the deployment of parachains and parathreads ahead of Polkadot. This forward-looking approach appeals to bLd Nodes, aligning with their commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Staking with bLd Nodes

Staking with bLd Nodes on Kusama is straightforward and accessible. Interested parties can engage by creating accounts on the Polkadot JS app, bonding their KSM tokens, and nominating validators, including bLd Nodes. This process empowers stakers to participate actively in securing the network while earning rewards.

bLd Nodes Community Engagement and Support

Beyond their operational endeavors, bLd Nodes actively engages with the Polkadot community, sharing insights, tools, and technical resources. Their dedication to transparency and education is evident through initiatives like detailed staking tutorials and recommendations for independent validators, aimed at empowering stakers to make informed decisions.


In conclusion, bLd Nodes emerges as a promising validator within the Polkadot ecosystem, leveraging technical proficiency and a commitment to service reliability. As they continue to evolve alongside Kusama’s development, bLd Nodes remains dedicated to fostering a secure and innovative blockchain environment, inviting stakeholders to join them on this transformative journey.

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