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Secure and reliable staking services for Polkadot and Kusama networks, accessible to all users. Earn rewards effortlessly with Amforc.

Amforc Enhancing Staking for Polkadot and Kusama Networks

As blockchain technology evolves, staking has become a crucial component of maintaining network security and decentralization. Amforc, a staking service provider, has established itself as a reliable and secure option for users within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Based in Switzerland, Amforc leverages its expertise in IT security and blockchain technology to offer a seamless staking experience, ensuring that users can earn rewards with minimal technical complexity.

Key Features of Amforc’s Staking Service

Amforc provides a comprehensive staking solution designed to cater to a diverse range of users, from beginners to seasoned crypto enthusiasts. The service boasts several key features that enhance the staking experience:

  • Globally Distributed Staking Infrastructure: Amforc’s infrastructure is strategically distributed across the globe, ensuring high availability and resilience. This global distribution minimizes the risk of downtime and maximizes staking rewards for users.

  • Secure and Reliable Operations: Security is a paramount concern for Amforc. The company employs a hybrid-cloud setup with a robust failover solution called Parasnaps, allowing quick reactions to any unforeseen circumstances. This setup, combined with their extensive experience in running validators since the introduction of Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS), underscores their commitment to maintaining secure and reliable operations.

  • User-Friendly Onboarding: Recognizing that the technical aspects of staking can be daunting, Amforc has streamlined the onboarding process. New users can easily start staking without needing to manage their own nodes, making the service accessible to a broader audience.

Staking with Amforc: Safe and Rewarding

Amforc’s approach to staking emphasizes safety and reliability. Their background in IT security and validator operations ensures a secure environment for users to stake their assets. The globally distributed hybrid-cloud setup and failover solutions like Parasnaps further enhance the robustness of their operations.

Amforc Commission Structure

Understanding the cost structure is crucial for any staking participant. Amforc offers competitive commission rates:

  • Polkadot Validators: 3% commission
  • Kusama Validators: 10% commission

These rates are designed to provide value to users while sustaining the infrastructure necessary for secure and reliable staking.

How to Get Started with Polkadot Staking

Nominating and Claiming Rewards: Amforc has simplified the nomination process through comprehensive guides available on their website. Users can follow these guides to stake in nomination pools for Polkadot and Kusama and claim their staking rewards efficiently.

Nomination Pools vs. Dedicated Setup: For most users, nomination pools offer the optimal balance of ease and reward optimization without a minimum stake size. However, for those looking to stake larger amounts (exceeding 1 million DOT or 2,500 KSM), Amforc provides options for dedicated setups. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Amforc directly to explore these tailored solutions.

Unbonding Periods

Staking is not without its commitment periods. On Polkadot, the unbonding period is 28 days, while Kusama has a shorter unbonding period of 7 days. These periods are essential for maintaining network stability and security. Although in the near future the staking time will become variable and shorter in time after the Polkadot RFC 92 is implemented.

Further Information and Support

Amforc ensures that users have access to extensive resources and support. The Polkadot and Kusama wikis are excellent starting points for those seeking more information about these networks. For additional inquiries, Amforc’s team is available via email at


Amforc stands out as a reliable and user-friendly staking service provider within the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. With a focus on security, global infrastructure, and ease of use, Amforc makes staking accessible and rewarding for a wide range of users. Whether one is new to staking or an experienced participant, Amforc provides the tools and support needed to maximize staking rewards while maintaining a secure environment.

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