alpha airdrop

Alpha Airdrop

Alpha Airdrop offers engaging and educational Polkadot video content, promoting blockchain technology through fun stories, news, and project insights

What is Alpha Airdrop?

Alpha Airdrop is a dedicated video content team within the Polkadot ecosystem, focusing on creating engaging and educational content about blockchain technology, specifically within Polkadot. Based in the US, the team aims to make learning about crypto fun and accessible through various forms of video content.

Alpha Airdrop Mission and Vision:

  • Educate and Engage: Produce content that is both fun to watch and easy to learn from.
  • Promote Polkadot: Highlight the Polkadot ecosystem and its innovations, differentiating it from competitors.
  • Expand Reach: Leverage high-quality content creation skills to amplify the presence of Polkadot in the blockchain space.

Alpha Airdrop Background and Experience

Early Days:

  • Founders: Started by Enrique and Lem as a two-man, self-funded operation.
  • Sustainability: Through partnerships, they have self-sustained for the past two years.
  • Logo: Features a pink dot as an homage to Polkadot.

Key Partnerships:

  • RMRK: Early successful collaboration.
  • Other Collaborations: Talisman, Hashed Network, Polkahaus, DOT Builders DAO, Phala, and more.
  • WagMedia Membership: Long-time members.
  • Subsocial Creator Staking Program: One of the 10 original content creators inducted.

Alpha Airdrop Content and Achievements

Types of Content:

  • Vlogs: Covering events like Polkadot Decoded and ETH Denver.
  • Interviews: “Man in the street” style.
  • News and Updates: Keeping the community informed.
  • Project Breakdowns: Detailed analysis of different projects within Polkadot.


  • Short-form Content: Found to be most effective for organic reach and engagement.
  • Long-form Videos: Recently reintroduced, receiving positive community feedback despite longer production times.

Alpha Airdrop Team Members


  • Role: Original founder and main content strategist.
  • Experience: Social media marketing and content creation since 2016.
  • Focus: Content strategy, video editing, and managing the Alpha Airdrop X account.


  • Role: Co-founder, scriptwriter, and creative personality.
  • Background: Medical student and dad by day, decentralization enthusiast by night.
  • Focus: Writing video scripts, fine-tuning video edits, and researching for content on X.

Alpha Airdrop Future Plans

Treasury Assistance:

  • Expansion: Seeking support from the treasury to broaden the reach and impact of their content.
  • Innovation: Continue experimenting with new techniques and styles in content creation.
  • Community Focus: Aiming to reclaim and promote Polkadot’s unique narratives amidst growing competition.


  • Increase Production: Aspiring to produce more high-quality, long-form videos.
  • Enhance Engagement: Utilizing their skills and insights to maximize platform engagement.

Alpha Airdrop remains committed to advancing Polkadot education and presence through their expertise in video content creation, continually striving to innovate and adapt to the evolving blockchain landscape.

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