Starfish Finance

Leading the Entertainment-Fi experience in Web3.

What is Starfish Finance?

Starfish Finance is an innovative DeFi platform incubated with the Astar Network Program, designed to offer a multi-chain, one-stop DeFi and Entertainment-Fi experience primarily on Arbitrum One and Astar Network. The platform incorporates gamification to deliver an entertainment-rich DeFi experience, merging NFTs for decentralized financing and providing a unique user experience.

Vision and Product Suite Starfish Finance is on a journey to become the top Web3 Entertainment-Fi brand, building on a robust DeFi technological foundation while expanding into gamified features across the Astar Network, Arbitrum, and additional ecosystems. It engages the community with “SEAN Times,” a weekly newsletter that provides insights from Starfish leadership.

Key Features

  1. Swap (Astar Network): Allows users to trade tokens and stablecoins across multi-token pools.
  2. Liquidity (Astar Network): Users can provide liquidity or create pools with up to eight tokens, sharing in the trading fees.
  3. Farm (Astar Network): Offers the opportunity for users to stake Liquidity Pool Tokens in farms to earn bonus rewards.
  4. Stake (Astar Network): Enables staking of SEAN tokens to earn USDC stablecoin as part of the protocol revenue from trading. Staking SEAN also provides access to the upcoming Seabed Launch.
  5. DOT Liquid Staking (Astar Network): Facilitates DOT staking to earn sDOT and rewards, enhancing liquidity in the ecosystem.


Brand Values and Personality Starfish Finance promotes values of community, collaboration, and convenience, aiming to provide a multi-chain future that offers a gamified DeFi and NFT experience. At its core, SEAN, a friendly entity from Starfish Planet, symbolizes inclusivity, connectivity, and a passion for crypto and NFT trading.

Strategic Goals Starfish Finance utilizes the Astar Builders program to construct a next-generation DeFi x NFT-Fi headquarters within the Polkadot ecosystem. This initiative aims to deepen the liquidity of crypto and NFT trading and financing through stablecoin swaps and NFT-Fi, based on an enhanced Balancer AMM model. Starfish Finance invites users to a comprehensive platform where they can engage in swapping, liquidity provision, staking, farming, launching, and exploring NFT-Fi, all under one roof.

This fully integrated, highly accessible platform promises a unique DeFi x NFT-Fi financing experience, underscored by the platform’s commitment to a multi-chain future and gamified DeFi interactions.

Last time updated: 29 March, 2024.

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