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Moonsama is a multi-chain protocol designed to accelerate the development and deployment of NFT-powered applications.

Introducing Moonsama: Pioneering Multi-Chain NFT Applications in the Polkadot Ecosystem

Moonsama is a multi-chain protocol designed to accelerate the development and deployment of NFT-powered applications. By providing essential infrastructure and services, Moonsama enables creators to overcome common challenges such as scalability and interoperability, driving innovation in the NFT space.

Key Features of Moonsama

  1. Infrastructure Solutions: Moonsama offers a robust technology stack that includes critical building blocks for NFT applications, allowing developers to focus on unique features of their projects.
  2. Multi-Chain Compatibility: As a production parachain on Polkadot, Moonsama benefits from Polkadot’s shared security and cross-chain communication via XCM, ensuring seamless interaction with other networks.
  3. EVM Compatibility: Moonsama Network supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) transactions, making it easy for developers to deploy Solidity smart contracts and integrate existing Ethereum-based applications.
  4. NFT Utility Layer: Moonsama provides a utility layer that simplifies the development process for NFT applications, enhancing their functionality and market readiness.


Moonsama employs an NFT-based governance model, where holders of Moonsama and Exosama NFTs participate in decision-making. The governance system is evolving towards greater decentralization, with NFT holders actively engaging in proposals and voting.

Native Token: $SAMA

  • Utility: $SAMA is the native token of the Moonsama Network, used for transaction fees, governance, and accessing services within the ecosystem.
  • Staking and Rewards: Users can stake $SAMA to participate in various campaigns, receive rewards, and contribute to network security.

The Future of NFT Utility

Moonsama is committed to pushing the boundaries of NFT utility by enabling a wide range of applications, from gaming and virtual real estate to digital art and collectibles. By simplifying the building process and providing essential infrastructure, Moonsama empowers creators to bring their NFT projects to life quickly and efficiently.


Moonsama is at the forefront of NFT innovation within the Polkadot ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services to accelerate the development and deployment of NFT applications. With its multi-chain compatibility, robust infrastructure, and active community governance, Moonsama is poised to drive the future of NFT utility and adoption.

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