MoonFit is a web3 game with which you can earn rewards for burning calories with Web3 and NFT-based fitness app promoting active living.

MoonFit: Revolutionizing Fitness with Web3 and NFT Integration

MoonFit, a Web3 and NFT Lifestyle App, aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by incentivizing users to stay active. By leveraging the Moonbeam ecosystem, MoonFit combines blockchain technology with health and fitness, offering users rewards for burning calories through physical activities.

The Concept Behind MoonFit Game

At its core, MoonFit is designed to encourage an active lifestyle by rewarding users with tokens for their physical efforts. Users begin their journey by purchasing MoonBeast NFTs, available in two forms: BEAST or BEAUTY. These NFTs are essential for participating in daily running activities through the MoonFit app. By engaging in these activities, users earn tokens that can be used for various purposes, such as upgrading their NFTs, purchasing additional NFTs, or cashing out for profit.

Moonfit Mission

MoonFit’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by making physical activities rewarding and enjoyable. The app supports all forms of exercise, provided calories are burnt. This initiative is built on the belief that daily training and positive reinforcement can lead to significant health benefits and lifestyle changes. By integrating Web3 and NFT technologies, MoonFit offers a futuristic approach to fitness, making the journey towards a healthier lifestyle more engaging and rewarding.

Getting Started with MoonFit

To start earning with MoonFit, users need to follow a series of steps:

  1. Download the App: Available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Sign-up: Register using a social media account.
  3. Create a Wallet: Install the SubWallet extension and create a wallet.
  4. Set up Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Ensure secure transactions.
  5. Connect Wallet: Link the wallet with the app.
  6. Deposit Tokens: Add GLMR and MFG tokens to the wallet.
  7. Purchase MoonBeast: Choose and buy a MoonBeast NFT.
  8. Start Running: Engage in physical activities to begin earning.

Minting and Upgrading NFTs

MoonFit offers a detailed process for minting and upgrading NFTs. Users can mint new NFTs during public sale rounds, with each NFT providing unique attributes that affect their earning potential. The Mint Pass is essential for securing spots to purchase NFTs, and users can mint multiple NFTs if they hold multiple passes. The attributes of each MoonBeast, such as gender, health, rarity, and special attributes like endurance and speed, play a crucial role in determining the rewards earned from physical activities.

MoonFit’s Reward Mechanism

MoonFit utilizes two types of tokens: MFR for in-game rewards and MFG for governance. The MFR tokens are earned through physical activities and can be used for various in-app purposes, such as upgrading MoonBeasts, breeding, and unlocking special abilities. The rewarding system is designed to motivate users to stay active by providing both social and monetary rewards.

Social and Monetary Rewards

MoonFit believes in the power of social rewards to motivate users. Achievements, badges, and leaderboard positions offer social recognition, while MoonBoxes and MoonItems provide tangible rewards. MoonBoxes, which drop based on the user’s activities, can contain various items that enhance the attributes of MoonBeasts, further boosting their earning potential.

Moonfit Community and Referral Programs

MoonFit emphasizes community building through running clubs and clans, offering users a platform to connect, compete, and share their fitness journeys. The referral program incentivizes users to invite friends, offering rewards for successful referrals and expanding the MoonFit community.

Moonfit Features and Future Plans

MoonFit continuously evolves, introducing new features like Apple Watch integration for seamless tracking and earning, and a MoonShop for purchasing real-world and in-game merchandise. Future plans include further gamification of the app, enhancing user engagement, and promoting a sustainable and active lifestyle.


MoonFit stands at the intersection of fitness and blockchain technology, offering a unique and rewarding experience for users. By promoting physical activity through an innovative Web3 and NFT ecosystem, MoonFit not only encourages a healthier lifestyle but also integrates users into the future of digital rewards and decentralized finance.

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