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Midnight Network

Midnight is a data-protection blockchain that prioritizes security, compliance, and user data control

What is Midnight Network?

Midnight is a data-protection blockchain that prioritizes security, compliance, and user data control. It aims to provide organizations with the tools needed to protect privileged information, trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal data. By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques, Midnight ensures that data remains confidential and secure while facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

Key Features of Midnight Network

  1. Data Protection: Midnight is built to protect user data, ensuring confidentiality and integrity through advanced cryptographic methods like zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs).

  2. Security and Compliance: The network is designed to help organizations comply with data protection regulations while maintaining a high level of security.

  3. Developer Experience: Midnight offers robust development tools and a streamlined programming model to facilitate the creation of secure DApps.

Why Midnight Network?

Midnight addresses three fundamental freedoms: association, commerce, and expression (ACE). These freedoms are critical for individuals and organizations to interact, transact, and communicate without fear of censorship, surveillance, or data breaches.

Freedoms of ACE

  1. Association: Midnight enables users to connect with peers securely, using decentralized identity mechanisms to control their data and maintain confidentiality.

  2. Commerce: The platform allows users to conduct commercial transactions with minimal risk of theft or persecution, while adhering to regulatory requirements.

  3. Expression: Midnight supports free expression by protecting user identities and allowing provable assertions through cryptographic methods.

Core Technologies

Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs)

Midnight employs zero-knowledge proofs, specifically ZK Snarks, to validate data without revealing it. This technology allows one party to prove a statement’s truth without sharing underlying data, ensuring security and privacy.

  • ZK Snarks: These are highly efficient ZKPs used in Midnight’s transaction protocols and smart contracts. They enable secure, confidential transactions and data exchanges.

Enhanced Developer Experience

Midnight aims to simplify DApp development by providing an innovative programming model and user-friendly tools:

  • TypeScript Integration: Most business logic and front-end code are written in TypeScript, with critical contract elements in Compact, a domain-specific language.
  • VS Code Plugin: A plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code enhances the development experience.
  • Midnight SDK: The SDK includes all necessary tools, such as a compiler, runtime, mocked node, CLI wallet, and example projects.

Midnight Network Use Cases

Identity Verification

Midnight can revolutionize identity verification processes like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML):

  • Shared Data Protection Platform: Organizations can conduct full identity verification once and use ZKPs for subsequent verifications, ensuring compliance without disclosing personal information.

Controlled Access to Tokenized Digital Assets

Midnight enhances the privacy of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets:

  • Private Tokenized Assets: Midnight ensures that necessary information for transactions is shared without compromising user privacy.

Enhancing AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)

Midnight can secure interactions with AI and LLMs:

  • Data Confidentiality: Midnight enables secure and private access to proprietary datasets, enhancing AI outcomes while protecting data privacy.

Decentralized Credit Scoring

Midnight’s ZK technology can facilitate decentralized credit scoring:

  • Privacy-Preserving Credit Scores: Credit scores can be assigned to digital IDs without disclosing personal information, reducing processing costs and data leakage risks.

Decentralized Anonymous Voting

Midnight supports secure and private voting mechanisms:

  • Tamper-Resistant Voting: Using zero-knowledge technology, voters can prove their eligibility without revealing personal information, ensuring privacy and integrity in voting processes.

Wallets and Digital Transactions

Midnight allows secure interactions with DApps through Web3 wallets:

  • Secure Wallets: Digital wallets manage private keys, authenticate transactions, and protect user data and permissions, enhancing security and privacy in the Web3 ecosystem.

Storing tDUST

To interact with the Midnight blockchain, users need a wallet that supports tDUST, the network’s native token. During the devnet stage, developers and users can use a Midnight-specific version of Lace, a Web3 light wallet platform developed by IOG.

  • Lace Wallet: This wallet enables users to manage Midnight digital assets, interact with DApps, and control personal data securely.


Midnight is set to transform data protection within the Polkadot ecosystem and beyond. By offering a secure, compliant, and developer-friendly blockchain, Midnight empowers organizations and individuals to protect their data, comply with regulations, and enhance user privacy. Whether you’re a developer, business, or individual, Midnight provides the tools and infrastructure needed to thrive in a decentralized, data-protected future.

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